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Happiness- What it Means and How to Attain It with Sandee Sgarlata

We all want to be happy. We all want to experience joy and love and fulfillment. We all want to feel like our lives are on the right path and that we’re moving forward in a good way.

Yet, when we look around at the world and into our own life, it can be hard to believe that happiness is even possible. You may even have thought of giving up on your quest for happiness. But we’re here to tell ya, don’t! — Don’t give up just yet. After all, there’s a reason why we desire happiness— we were created for it!

In this episode, Daniel sits with America’s Happiness Coach, Sandee Sgarlata. Daniel and Sandee talk about what happiness means, the root of our unhappiness, how ego affects the level of our happiness, and how we can build strong happy muscles. They also discuss the relationship between gratitude and abundance, how we can gratitude our way out of negative emotions, and the role of self-love in our happiness. 

"You can be happy. It's not just the lucky ones in life, everybody can be happy. That's what God wants for us. That's what we deserve." -Sandee Sgarlata

Episode Highlights
  • 04:44 The Root of Unhappiness
  • 07:14 How to Build Your Happy Muscle
  • 13:06 The Role of Ego 
  • 17:41 Do the Inner Work
  • 22:32 The Relationship Between Gratitude and Abundance
  • 27:57 Gratitude Your Way Out
  • 33:30 You, Too, Can Be Happy
  • 36:46 Allow Yourself to be Happy
  • 39:49 What is Peace?  


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Connect with Sandee:

Sandee Sgarlata is a two-time award-winning author, a certified life coach since 2004, professional speaker, retired U.S. national and international figure skating coach, gold medalist in ice dancing, and has spent the past 20 years helping people create lasting changes in their lives. As a thought leader, Sandee has over 30 years of corporate experience, has owned multiple businesses, and is known for her authenticity in leading and motivating teams.

Sandee’s recent best-selling book, “Happiness Solved: Climbing One Hundred Steps” is a self-improvement book, part memoir, and workbook. She is also the host of the Happiness Solved Podcast which is ranked #10 out of the top 80 happiness podcasts.

Sandee specializes in Happiness and Success Coaching and offers group coaching programs, online courses, and one-on-one coaching. She has been featured on Cheddar News, Virginia This Morning, Good Morning Arizona, CBS, NBC, FOX, and dozens of Podcasts.


04:53 “I don’t think a lot of people take the time to recognize their thoughts and pay attention to their thoughts. It’s our thoughts that are causing us that sense of being unhappy.” -Sandee Sgarlata

09:29 “When that negative thought comes into your mind, you want to come up with a positive one- but it has to come from you and your heart in order for it to be effective.” -Sandee Sgarlata

14:44 “You can’t build success by tearing others down. It doesn’t work that way.” -Daniel Gomez

15:49 “If you compare yourself to somebody else, you have to be ready to take 100% of what they are, good and bad.” -Sandee Sgarlata

23:21 “God only gives us what we can handle and when we can handle it.” -Sandee Sgarlata

28:44 “You can gratitude your way out of any negative emotion…” –Sandee Sgarlata

33:43 “You can’t compare your pain to someone else’s pain… because pain is pain. And if you’re feeling pain for the very first time, it’s real.” -Sandee Sgarlata

35:00 “You can be happy. It’s not just the lucky ones in life, everybody can be happy. That’s what God wants for us. That’s what we deserve.” -Sandee Sgarlata

36:50 “Opening up requires that you apply some self-love. You need to love yourself in order for you to find happiness in your life.” -Sandee Sgarlata

39:11 “Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to have compassion for yourself. Love yourself enough to let that grace abound.” -Daniel Gomez

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