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September 20, 2022
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How to Overcome Camera Shyness and Improve Your Visibility in the Digital Space with Sri Mahabir

Are you camera shy? You know, the type of person who’s afraid of their own reflection in a mirror or on social media—but not because it’s creepy but because you think you will never look good enough or that you might make a mistake and people will laugh at you.

The internet has been a huge game-changer for our lives. But with all the new and exciting things that come with technology, it’s easy to forget that there’s still some stuff out there that we don’t have—like the ability to actually see ourselves without having to look at our screens. Whatever happens, it’s always best to remember that your tribe will love your imperfections. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with video visibility coach, Sri Mahabir to discuss how we can overcome camera shyness and our insecurities. They also discuss how powerful a simple live can be, why be persistent in our goal, why our story matters, where entrepreneurs fail, what content to create, what self-investment can do for us, and what Sri can say about giving up.

"Instead of getting caught in perfection and overanalyzing, just post. You're not going to get a one hit wonder, you're going to be a wonderful wonder because people are getting really good value." -Sri Mahabir

Episode Highlights
  • 01:54 The Power of  Video
  • 05:35 Overcoming Shyness and Insecurity
  • 10:11 The Benefits of Sharing Your Story
  • 16:10 Where Entrepreneurs Fail
  • 20:23 What Contents to Make
  • 26:11 Think as a Business Owner
  • 29:54 What Entrepreneurs Should Know
  • 33:17 Make That Investment 
  • 36:07 You Are Somebody’s Hero 




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Connect with Sri:

In spite of her camera shyness, Sri Mahabir was determined to share her story and the stories of other entrepreneurs. 

In April of 2020,  Sri created the IG live series Journey of an Entrepreneur.”  After interviewing 100 entrepreneurs, she realized her passion. Sri helps solo entrepreneurs and corporate professionals be able to face their camera shyness and help build visibility to their brand and business. 

Sri is a remote producer who offers a done-for-you service for taking your live streaming idea from concept to execution. Designing the flyers and background, producing, and turning it into a podcast. 

Sri has another show on Linked In which is called Sip N Chat with Sri and Charlene, Guest Hosts w/ Russ Hedge & D Scott Wednesdays Morning on IG called The Backstage Experience; and Co-Hosts a show with Karenea Lai called the Friday Round UP. 


04:58 “One of the biggest free things that you can do for your business is to get out your phone and go live on Facebook.” –Daniel Gomez

05:37 “(Insecurity) is not a lie. It was a story that we believed and we’re holding on to.” –Sri Mahabir

12:07 “Get up and then start sharing, you’ll be so surprised how impactful your story is. Your story could be the reason somebody else gets up in the morning.” –Sri Mahabir

13:40 “When you share your story, it’s healing to your soul.” –Daniel Gomez

17:06 “Instead of getting caught in perfection and overanalyzing, just post. You’re not going to get a one-hit wonder, you’re going to be a wonderful wonder because people are getting really good value.” –Sri Mahabir

18:35 “We are in the business of connecting with people. So people don’t want to just see the serious side of you. They want to see the other side of you.” -Sri Mahabir

25:09 “The process works- you just have to be patient.” -Sri Mahabir

27:23 “I was thinking I have this time because I have the money. Now it’s different. I have the time, the money will come.” -Sri Mahabir

28:13 “Sometimes, you don’t realize what you have until you slow down and reflect.” -Daniel Gomez

30:31 “If you continue to do free, how far is free going to take you?” -Sri Mahabir

32:54 “Make that investment. You’ve already put in the time, you can’t get back to that time, the money at least you’ll convert that and make more.” -Sri Mahabir

36:13 “You are somebody’s hero. You are somebody’s reason they get up every morning to see the new day… When you live your life knowing you’ve impacted one person, you’ll continue to do what you’re doing.” -Sri Mahabir