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Everyday is a battle. Everyday is a struggle. But, even the worst of times can present new opportunities. Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. President Jeffrey Johnston experienced the most painful event a parent could possibly come up against- the death of a child. But Jeffrey was able to handle it and became his family’s stronghold. His secret? Prevention, preparation, and purpose. Avoiding possible pits, training for what might come, and finding his why became Jeff’s map and compass in navigating the stormy sea of life successfully. Listen in as Jeff shares how these three P’s had helped him weather the storms in his life. He also shares two approaches parents can follow to build deeper connections and show support when their kids face major points in their life such as the death of a family member, open up about a serious topic, and begin to follow their own path. 

Adversities are not joyous moments, and in these troubled times we can’t help but choose between two roads- the road of despair or the road of motivation. Although one seems to be the easier route, it certainly is not the road for you! There is only one road deserving of your journey and this week, Daniel and Jeffrey will guide you in choosing that path, not as a bitter person, but as a better person. Are you prepared for whatever life brings you? Tune in!

“Everything, even the worst of times, are in and of themselves opportunities for us.” -Jeffrey Johnston

Episode Highlights
  • 04:19 Be Prepared
  • 12:47 Better Not Bitter 
  • 23:36 2 Parental Approaches to Connect with Your Kids
  • 27:11 Make Your Choice 
  • 33:07 Allow Your Kids to Shine
  • 41:28 Find Your Why




This One’s for You: An Inspirational Journey Through Addiction, Death & Meaning by Jeffrey Johnston


About Jeffrey Johnston:

Jeffrey Johnston is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa native. He is the owner & president of Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. a wealth management firm that he started over 31 years ago. 

After the loss of his son to a heroin overdose in 2016, Jeff became an advocate for substance abuse awareness in teens and young adults. In 2018, Jeff joined the board of the Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC)  in Cedar Rapids. In 2020, Jeff founded his own non-profit, The Choices Network, Ltd. and wrote his first book, This One’s For You: An Inspirational Journey Through Addiction, Death, and Meaning. He also launched the Living Undeterred Podcast and blog in 2020 geared toward changing the narrative on mental health, substance abuse, and addiction.


04:05 “Everything, even the worst of times, are in and of themselves opportunities for us.” Jeffrey Johnston  

08:51 “Practice each day to prevent putting yourself in situations where bad things can happen… Be prepared so when life throws a curveball, you’ll be in a better position to handle things and come up with new ways of coping mechanisms.” Jeffrey Johnston 

10:40 “Life, business and faith are all tied together and it’s how you respond, learn and grow to the adversity that comes into our life.” – Daniel Gomez

12:46 “Do not play the what if game too much.” Jeffrey Johnston

17:09 “We need more leadership in our homes. We need more men to rise up and be men.” – Daniel Gomez

18:23 “We have two roads in front of us. We have one road of anger, despair, and hatred and we have a road of motivation and inspiration.… But there aren’t two roads, there’s one road. You can’t go down the abyss. It’s a horrible road.” Jeffrey Johnston

19:56 “Bitterness poisons you… You’re angry and you don’t understand why, and sometimes, it’s not for us to understand why but getting bitter and angry will lead to more despair.” – Daniel Gomez

21:02 “Not everybody is a leader, but at some point in your life, you’re going to be asked to lead.” Jeffrey Johnston

25:44 “It’s your life, you have an opportunity to do what you want to do.” Jeffrey Johnston

31:42 “Sometimes, you have to allow your kids to just grow. Do not live your life in your children.” – Daniel Gomez

33:47 “You can’t be everything to your children all the time… Don’t kill yourself over it.” – Daniel Gomez

34:37 “Let your kids, give them a space and that place for their personality to shine through and let their light shine out.” – Daniel Gomez

34:43 “Like guardrails set up for the kids, let them bounce around and keep them within the parameters of being a good human and having quality well-being in their life, but allow them some volatility to go down the highway of life and bump into the guardrails.” Jeffrey Johnston

39:08 “You have to allow yourself to cry… Because crying brings healing to the soul and to the heart.” – Daniel Gomez

42:08 “Every single person on the planet has a why. For those struggling, you just haven’t found it yet. It’s within all of us, it’s there, you just have to find it.” Jeffrey Johnston

43:27 “Find your why and you’ll find your way.” Jeffrey Johnston

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