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June 8, 2021
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Get Out of the Dark Spot and Shine Bright in Your Own Light with Jennifer Jerald


Are you stuck in your dark spot? Some things that we go through may be consequences of our decisions but most of them simply are beyond our control. Whatever we go through is a mere page of our story, the rest is for us to fill with beautiful adventures. Reach out and overcome any tragedy in your life. Today, Daniel and Jennifer Jerald, a transformational life coach and best-selling author,  will help you rise into the light and become the best version of yourself. Life is giving you one more shot to shine, will you take it? Tune in for powerful tips on how you can continue moving forward and write your own success story. 

“You haven't written your story yet so don't give up. You can come from nothing and become more than you ever believed.” - Jennifer Jerald

Episode Highlights
  • 03:33 Overcome Tragedies
  • 12:53 Shine Bright In Your Own Light
  • 17:37 Create Your Own Success Story
  • 19:17 Confidence is Courage To Try One More Time 
  • 26:35 Open The Door To Your Heart And Realize Your Purpose
  • 32:17 You’re Unique; Value Yourself



About Jennifer Jerald

Jennifer Jerald is a woman who has lived through abuse, neglect, sexual assault, bullying, eating disorders, mental illness, divorce, bankruptcy, a suicide attempt, a near death car accident and 23 major surgeries… Jennifer is living proof that you can LIVE FORWARD in spite of what life throws at you. Jennifer has used her pain for purpose and is inspiring others to do the same along the way. As a result of years of trauma, Jennifer has spent the majority of her life in fear and a recurring cycle of unrealized dreams, broken relationships, feeling like a victim and completely defeated.  Today, a survivor turned thriver, she is here to work with others who have experienced similar challenges or simply the feeling of “I am not enough” and emotional overwhelm. Jennifer is a powerful keynote speaker, two-time #1 International Best Selling Author, musician and a Transformational Life Coach.  She has developed a simple 5-step process to help others transform FEAR into F.O.C.U.S.  Her mission is to help women rise up from “victim” to “WARRIOR”, one step at a time.


06:24 “Don’t isolate yourself in that despairing darkness because there’s light there for you. There’s another story out there for you. ” – Daniel Gomez

09:10 “If you’re in a dark cloud of despair and shame and you’re carrying the burden by yourself, turn to God… God is here to help you out!” – Daniel Gomez

11:10 “A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel. Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps, if you’re not willing to move your feet.” – Jennifer Jerald

11:42 “If I do all that I can do, God will fill the gap.” – Jennifer Jerald

14:01 “If we just shine where we sit, we light where we are, others can find the light.” – Jennifer Jerald

16:33 “I want to live life on my terms. I wanted to do it my way. And I wanted to be able to share that way with others.” – Jennifer Jerald

18:05 “If you’re stuck in the muck of the yuck of what everybody’s been always telling you, believe the piece that says it’s not because it isn’t.” – Jennifer Jerald

18:50 “You haven’t written your story yet so don’t give up. You can come from nothing and become more than you ever believed.” – Jennifer Jerald

20:06 “Confidence isn’t something you’re born with. It is something you attain through practice and by completing something successfully over and over again. I needed to institute courage, the courage to continue to give it one more shot.” – Jennifer Jerald

24:43 “You don’t realize how good you are until you keep doing it.” – Jennifer Jerald

24:41 “Even if you’re on the right track, you can get run over if you stop moving.” – Jennifer Jerald

28:38 “Open the door to your heart and then get in.” – Daniel Gomez

33:43 “Our stories may be similar, but not one is exactly the same.” – Jennifer Jerald

35:05 “We become who we surround ourselves with… Choose your friends more carefully because who we spend our time with, is who we will become.” – Jennifer Jerald