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June 1, 2021
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How to Impact the World with Your Most Fearless Dream with Ira Davis


Dive into your most audacious dream and impact the world! In this episode, Daniel and Ira Davis, the Chief Dream Diver, will help you discover your purpose to transform lives. Daniel and Ira talk about what it takes to be a dream diver and live to create wonders for others. Tune in for powerful tips on how to overcome fear, do the uncomfortable, and take over your life. Your business means more than you think! Tune in and discover how to perfect your miracle. Play life’s bigger game!

“Most people will never hit the assignment for life because you can't hit a target that you don't see. And a target that you don't have.” - Ira Davis

Episode Highlights
  • 04:49 Stay In Front of Your Career
  • 12:51 Be A Dream Diver
  • 20:23 Do The Uncomfortable Thing
  • 25:00 Take Control Over Your Life
  • 30:56 Comfortable Being Alone
  • 40:39 Perfect Your Miracle And See Transformation





About Ira Davis

Ira Davis, a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor, is a skydiver, a dream development coach, and the founder of The DreamDiver Company, a transformational media and coaching enterprise that helps aspiring & thriving Pioneers, Visionaries, and WorldChangers discover their purpose and dive for their most audacious dreams to impact the world.  Ira has worked with 6-8 figure entrepreneurs & executives, NFL Hall of Famers, Grammy Award-winning singers, Olympic athletes, churches, and colleges to help them discover their purpose and dive for their dreams to impact the world through his speaking, coaching, filmmaking, and skydiving. 

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09:53 “You were put on this earth to inspire people down to their bones to go after their dreams.” – Ira Davis

15:05 “Most people will never hit the assignment for life because you can’t hit a target that you don’t see and a target that you don’t have.” – Ira Davis

17:13 “You need to humble yourself and slow down… Get out of your comfort zone and stop trusting in yourself. You have to trust in somebody bigger than you are.” – Daniel Gomez

21:45 “Most people don’t do the uncomfortable thing because they allow fear of some sort to control their lives.” – Ira Davis

21:57 “If fear shows up, it’s the biggest cheerleader telling you that you’re headed in the right direction for all the right reasons..” – Ira Davis

22:29 “I think most people are relying on no fear showing up. They’re more concerned about other people’s opinions. They’re more concerned about looking good, feeling good, being safe, being comfortable.” – Ira Davis

23:02 “When fear shows up, it’s a warning sign, not a stop sign. It’s literally there to tell you, you’re about to play bigger than you’ve ever played in your life; you’re about to do something that is going to stretch every part of who you are.” – Ira Davis

26:18 “Stop letting them live your life and theirs. Because when you allow them to keep you stuck because of their opinion of you, you’re allowing them now to control their life and yours.” – Ira Davis

27:56 “Nobody who’s ahead of you will come back down to criticize you or to make an opinion of you. People who will criticize you or have strong opinions of you, are people that you have outgrown.” – Ira Davis

30:02 “There comes a point where you’re going to have to turn your back on your old life… And as you continue walking forward, you can turn back to that old life.” – Daniel Gomez

31:50 “There are two types of people in this world, those who see possibility and those who see reality. When you have a dream that’s bigger than you, you must surround yourself with people who see possibility, because those who see reality are comfortable being comfortable.” – Ira Davis

33:55 “You have to be okay with disconnecting from people who are not helping you grow because they will become weight and gravity in a place where you’re supposed to be flying and executing. It’s okay to grow.” – Ira Davis

41:47 “Stop trying to monetize everything before you perfect the miracle that’s coming out of your life… Sometimes you need to take a step back. And you need to work the miracle first. And allow that to show you how to monetize on the back end.” – Ira Davis

45:04 “Do something bigger than yourself.  A God-sized dream requires a Dream Team.” – Ira Davis

47:38 “You’re in business to gift a miracle to people who need it. They will gift you compensation so you can eat and live and take care of your family so you can go out and reach more people.” – Ira Davis