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May 25, 2021
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June 8, 2021

How to Find Your True Identity and Live Your Own Dream with Rizwan Rashid

Do you feel as though you are living in someone else’s dream? Get out of your comfort zone and find your true self. Today, Daniel and Rizwan Rashid will help you connect with your inner self and align it with your purpose in life. They also talk about how the power of focus can give you strength to keep you moving forward. Tune in for powerful tips on how you can pivot to do what you intended to do and act despite your weakest moment. Continue to grow, learn and adapt to change.

“Remember, as a man, we don't have fins, but we swim deep down under the waters; we don't have wings, but we fly in the sky. Because we are limitless, we can do anything that we put our heart and mind into.” -Rizwan Rashid

Episode Highlights
  • 02:45 Align With Your Purpose
  • 09:53 Power Of Focus
  • 15:07 Make It Or Break It
  • 21:04 We Are Limitless
  • 25:05 Pivot And Adapt To Change
  • 29:10 Entrepreneurs Have To Have A Story





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About Rizwan Rashid

Rizwan Rashid is an award-winning International Speaker, Certified Entrepreneur Coach, and TV Host. With his 22+ years in the Financial Industry, he brings a wealth of corporate experience which resonates and connects with his coaching clients. Rizwan coaches entrepreneurs to unfold their Mission, craft their Vision, and act on the opportunities to carve a new path of success and achievement. He helps them unveil their story behind their passion, turning it into their profession. Rizwan’s recent book on Opportunity in Crisis was a Best-Seller. Rizwan lives by his mantra, “Escape Mediocrity to Achieve Excellence”. Rizwan hosts the TV show Outlier Show, interviews Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Trailblazers to find out how they acted on their first opportunity, how they find the courage and their conviction. TV show features on Canada’s leading Cable TV network and IPTV.


06:21 “There are 98% of the world population living in someone else’s dream.” -Rizwan Rashid

07:48 “I always feel that there’s a gap between my happiness and fulfillment and the money. The status never gave me that gratification which I was looking for or longing for. And as soon as I aligned myself to what God has gifted me, I found that happiness, that gratification.” -Rizwan Rashid

09:43 “Until you walk in business and entrepreneurship for yourself, there’s nothing like it. No one’s saying that it’s easy, but you can get the rewards from that.” – Daniel Gomez

12:47 “The law of imagination is going to attract all the positivity towards you… So when you put your mind in it, God brings it right in front of you because God loves us the most. We are the best creature on this earth.” -Rizwan Rashid

14:21 “What you focus on, you attract to yourself… The power of focus is going to take you farther than you can ever go because you’re going to attract the visions.” – Daniel Gomez

15:30 “The moment when you are scared, and your back is against the wall- this is the moment you’re looking for. This is the moment to make it or break it… We fight, not flight because there is no other place to fly or run. We just fight.” -Rizwan Rashid

17:49 “If the sun can rise, you can too! ” -Rizwan Rashid

19:44  “If you are on a quest of self-discovery, align with God’s purpose and what is in you. Your DNA is very unique and so are you.” -Rizwan Rashid

20:48 “When your back is against the wall, that’s when you bounce back, you get more resilient, you get stronger, and you find out what you’re made of.” – Daniel Gomez

21:22 “Remember, as a man, we don’t have fins, but we swim deep down under the waters; we don’t have wings, but we fly in the sky. We are limitless, we can do anything that we put our heart and mind into.” -Rizwan Rashid

22:49 “Your potential is there. If you are denying this, you are denying the world of a masterpiece- YOU. You are a piece of the Master and you are a masterpiece in yourself. People are waiting to hear, listen, observe and embrace you.” -Rizwan Rashid

25:26 “People are stuck in their own zone. Whatever has worked back there, they still believe this is going to work. Pivoting in the new world and new areas is so essential.” -Rizwan Rashid

28:34 “You have to be adaptive, growing and pivoting. But you can’t pivot with the old mindset you have, that is what keeps most businesses from growing.” – Daniel Gomez