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May 18, 2021
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Money Chases Value with Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Create your legacy and make a difference. Some will laugh at you, others will scorn. But, you can! How? Today, Daniel and Dr. Billy Alsbrooks shares the biggest, most reliable reason you can do what God called you to do. Learn why vision is key to keep us moving forward despite adversities and how it can guide your path. Tune in as they reveal how you can maximize your gift to everybody’s advantage, including you! Become God’s instrument to motivate others, spread positivity, and impact lives through your gift.

“God's calling on your life is unmatchable to anything else...If you can give him the center of doing what God's called you to do, you can tap into that.” - Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Episode Highlights
  • 02:32 Lay Your Vision
  • 05:38 Life Is About Legacy
  • 09:13 Wise Man Seeks Counsel
  • 18:27 Build Faith And Trust With God 
  • 27:47 Understand And Learn The Language
  • 31:28 How to Realize Your Vision
  • 38:09 Money Chases Value
  • 44:13 God Still Moves




Blessed And Unstoppable: Your Blueprint For Success


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About Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

World Influencer Dr. Billy Alsbrooks, Jr. is a former Billboard recording artist, songwriter, and hit music producer who became a born-again Christian in 2008. Since graduating from FCU, with a major in Bible Ministry, Billy has become a powerful and passionate motivational speaker, top-selling author, thought surgeon, and successful engineer. His viral inspirational videos have currently been viewed more than 35 MILLION times on YouTube His life-changing book Blessed And Unstoppable has been sold in over 29 countries. Billy is also the founder of B7U Clothing. His motivational-based apparel focuses on designs that uplift, motivate, and inspire people to greatness. Billy was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities for his positive Impact across the globe.


05:24 “Vision is important. If we start looking at the promise in that vision, this world will begin to change. It will begin to look like what God wants it to look like.” Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

09:04 “The Lord takes joy in the prosperity of his servant, but he doesn’t want that prosperity to own his servant.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

17:56 “Stop trying to figure it out on your own. You weren’t meant to be by yourself. You weren’t meant to do it alone.” – Daniel Gomez

19:38 “God’s calling in your life is unmatchable to anything else… If you can give him the center of doing what God’s called you to do, you can tap into that.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

20:23 “We have to build faith along the way. If you’re going to do big things, it has to be done on a solid foundation of trust in God. Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

28:14 “Sometimes, the stuff we go through is not about us. It’s to prepare us so that we can help others… Sometimes, the more broken or wounded we become, the more useful we can be to the Kingdom.” Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

32:25 “Greatness requires 10,000 hours of practice… There’s one more opportunity to get better today. Just continue that path and keep looking at the vision, the long term vision which is the one big.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

39:43 “Money chases value… We give value first. By giving value first, money comes back because we’re we change people’s lives.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

46:29 “Truth does not discriminate. Embrace the truth.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

 47:57 “Your victory, your overcoming is the marketing strategy for the kingdom of God.”Dr. Billy Alsbrooks