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May 11, 2021
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The Key to Overcome Challenges in Life and in Business with Regeline Sabbat

How do you cope after experiencing trials and tribulations? Don’t get paralyzed, never give up, and take action! Today, Daniel and Regeline Sabbat share how you can pivot and get through difficult times in your life and in your business. Learn why growth is considered the beauty of life and why you should continue growing in all aspects of your life.Tune in, stay focused, and maintain a resilient mindset!

“When something happens, you pivot. You find an alternative way to overcome that major challenge that you are faced with. And when you understand that God is with you, wherever you go, there's nothing you can overcome.” - Regeline Sabbat

Episode Highlights
  • 03:51 Growth Defined
  • 07:26 Take Precautions and Maintain Spiritual Health
  • 14:14 Servant Leadership Shown in Resiliency
  • 23:38 Overcoming Entrepreneurship Challenges
  • 29:10 Act and Keep Growing
  • 33:11 Be Your Authentic Self




About Regeline Sabbat

Regeline Sabbat also known as Gigi, is a first-generation Haitian American, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Life Coach, the host of Walk With Me Podcast on JRQTV, and Domestic Violence Advocate. She is an experienced leader who has adopted a conservative approach to help Christians grow spiritually, financially, professionally and/or personally. She does this by setting clear and measurable goals for those that are ready to take action and experience life growth and transformation. She also helps people get unstuck financially. As far as focusing and transformation goes, Regeline truly believes multi-skilled individuals make great leaders. It’s not about focusing on so many things at once, but it is about utilizing all of your skills for the greater good and overall fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives and serving his people.

Regeline Sabbat

04:47 “When you continue to grow, you will continue to blossom and flourish… Growth is truly the beauty of life.” Regeline Sabbat

05:48 “A resilient mindset is your ability to bounce back after a major challenge occurs in your life.” Regeline Sabbat

06:56 “You need to be able to maintain a resilient mindset. Because if you do not maintain that resilient mindset in your personal life or business, you’re going to live with fear, have depression, or have anxiety.” Regeline Sabbat

08:11 “You have to be resilient and push through your old identity.” – Daniel Gomez

09:41 “If something happens to you, do not blame yourself. Just continue to take precautions.” Regeline Sabbat

14:07 “All the success principles that you need for your life, for your business are in the Bible.” – Daniel Gomez

16:51 “The importance of never giving up is… to help others understand that they too can overcome the trials and tribulations that they face in their lives.” Regeline Sabbat

19:24 “The light may seem dim right now. But all you need to do is wake up the reticular activating system in your mind, and you too will realize you are one of a kind. Never give up.” Regeline Sabbat

20:19 “You are a one of a kind, you are unique. And you’re not a mistake…Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you.” – Daniel Gomez

21:27 “Do not be afraid or discouraged for your God is with you wherever you go. Therefore, you are not alone. Never give up.” Regeline Sabbat

22:59 “There’s no other way except having God first place in our lives.” – Regeline Sabbat by Les Brown

25:34 “When something happens, you pivot. You find an alternative way to overcome that major challenge that you are faced with. And when you understand that God is with you, wherever you go, there’s nothing you can overcome.” Regeline Sabbat

28:47 “You have a choice to make. You have to realize that you can’t feel sorry for yourself anymore. You can’t be stuck in your feelings anymore. And you have to keep moving forward and never give up.” – Daniel Gomez

31:22 “Remain actionable. Continue to build the programs and services in your business, even if you’re waiting on a financial loan.” Regeline Sabbat

33:32 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

33:44 “You are unique. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Be you, be your authentic self!” Regeline Sabbat 

35:17 “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” – Daniel Gomez

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