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Be A Healthier, More Successful You with Brandee Thunberg

What is your bio-individuality? Knowing your identity and what makes you unique is crucial if you are to operate in your gift and pivot if necessary. In this episode, Daniel sits with Brandee Thunberg to discuss how health puts a lid on our business and how to get everything into perspective to help you gain control. Learn how you can figure out your alignment to stand strong in who you are and use your experiences to give you the momentum to push forward. Tune in for powerful tips on how you can create an impact on your life.

“It's okay to not know what to do or what exactly that first step means to be. It's about trusting and reaching out and believing in yourself.” - Brandee Thunberg

Episode Highlights
  • 05:22 Align Your Mindset, Self-Nourishment And Movement
  • 11:01 Bio Individuality 
  • 16:33  How to Pivot
  • 18:32 Your Greatest Strengths
  • 21:33 Share Your Gifts And Your Awesomeness
  • 25:42 Make A Difference
  • 32:14 Love Yourself




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About Brandee Thunberg

Brandee Thunberg is a Double Certified Holistic Health Coach and CEO of Sunshine Transformations, a company that strongly believes everyone deserves the gift of optimum health every day. Through educating, training, empowering, and supporting, Brandee helps her clients break through barriers to create their own sustainable healthy lifestyle. She is best known for non-judgmentally meeting her clients where they are and getting them to where they want to be on their health and wellness journey. When Brandee is not writing, speaking or coaching about health and wellness, she can be found creating art, running, or enjoying nature with her husband and two boys.

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07:58 “We don’t realize our little habits are adding up and taking control of our day because they’ve become as normal as brushing our teeth. We don’t pay attention to little things anymore and it starts to stack up.” – Brandee Thunberg 

11:45 “You have to realize that you’re unique, everybody has a gift… You can be whatever. Your career or business is your gift.” – Daniel Gomez

13:57 “Once you start to understand your why and purpose, you’re peeling back all those layers.” – Brandee Thunberg 

20:03 “It’s okay to not know what to do or what exactly that first step means to be. It’s about trusting and reaching out and believing in yourself.” – Brandee Thunberg

23:30 “There’s not just one gift. It encompasses this whole conglomerate of things.” – Brandee Thunberg

23:58 “You have to stand strong in who you are and realize how fabulous you are at what you do. There are people that need you to share your gifts and to share your awesomeness.” – Brandee Thunberg 

25:26 “People will always criticize what they can’t duplicate.” – Daniel Gomez

29:48 “Allowing people to affect us become a part of who we are.” – Brandee Thunberg

31:17 “You don’t have to mirror you. You don’t have to coach somebody to make a difference. Every day, you have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life.” – Brandee Thunberg

37:18 “I threw in the towel. God threw it back and said, ‘Wipe your face. You’re almost there’.” – Brandee Thunberg

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