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April 27, 2021

Overcoming the Wilderness Season of Your Life with Gina Barbera

Have you ever thought of giving up? You are not alone. Everyone goes through wilderness-like seasons, what differs is how each one responds to the adversities in life. Today, Daniel and Gina Barbera, a successful serial entrepreneur,  reveal how love and passion for what we do make an impact on our will to go forward. Tune in for powerful tips on getting out of your comfort zone and embracing changes! 

“Don’t give up even though there’s a lot of obstacles that might come your way… Things could be worse. Figure what you can do to move forward.” – Gina Barbera

Episode Highlights
  • 03:09 Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Embrace Change
  • 06:45 The Only Limit You Can Have
  • 11:48 Be Passionate: Love What You Do
  • 13:44 You’re Not Alone: Reach Out And Get Involved
  • 14:56 Have Fun!
  • 19:17 Key To Being Consistent
  • 24:46 Care And Acknowledge People
  • 27:47 Recreate And Start Over

About Gina Barbera

Gina is a successful businesswoman with a proven track record of success. She is an extraordinarily driven individual and a person who wants to bring people together. She dedicated her career as a small business owner to promote the importance of community and more specifically, supporting the youth. Her understanding of the importance of a close-knit community has always been demonstrated in all of her endeavors. She has created, developed, and published several successful publications. In addition, she is the founder of several networking associations including Stone Oak Business Association, the Kidsville Optimist Club, and most recently the Alamo Ranch/151 Business Association.

Gina Barbera

04:02 “So many times our businesses fail because we are scared to embrace change.” – Daniel Gomez

06:49 “There is no limit, you just limit yourself.” – Gina Barbera

07:03 “The biggest thing for me is going forward and taking that leap of faith.” – Gina Barbera

09:21 “Sometimes, it’s better not knowing everything.” – Gina Barbera

09:23 “Sometimes, less is more.” – Daniel Gomez

10:23 “Try to do more to your customers… Go above and beyond.” – Gina Barbera

12:01 “Love what you do… It makes a difference.” – Gina Barbera

12:28 “Don’t give up even though there’s a lot of obstacles that might come your way… Things could be worse. Figure what you can do to move forward.” – Gina Barbera

13:51 “A lot of us have been going through very difficult times. Know that you are not alone. Reach out and get involved with people during those times.” – Gina Barbera

16:00 “Have time to play. Having that balance gives you the energy to go forward in your business.” – Gina Barbera

18:28 “Get out of your comfort zone and stop playing small in life… If you don’t embrace changes in your life, you’ll fall by the wayside.” – Daniel Gomez

18:57 “You don’t grow if you’re not getting uncomfortable.” – Gina Barbera

19:27 “You have to be consistent regardless of the situation you’re in.” – Daniel Gomez

20:30 “You need to be in front of people so they’ll remember and trust you.” – Gina Barbera

26:59 “Stop crying and start trying.” – Daniel Gomez

29:46 “Nothing is carved in stone. You are not an accident. You have a God-given gift in you. Operate in your gift!” – Daniel Gomez