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Live to Climb the Highest Mountain! with Tony Pollard

Have you lost your drive after having failures after failures? Perhaps, a different perspective might help. Today, Daniel and Tony Pollard, a nationally recognized leader, teach how owning our failures, challenging ourselves, and stepping out of our comfort zone elevate us to our goal. Tune in for powerful tips on creating a bigger vision for your life and conquering your objectives!

“We should live life as the one to climb the highest mountain in the world, in anything and everything that drives us and moves us.” - Tony Pollard

Episode Highlights

03:30 Own You Failures

09:05 Challenge Yourself

16:15 See Something More For Yourself

22:41 Climb The Highest Mountain!

26:58 Have Courage, Resilience, And Discipline

28:27 Be Willing To Make Life A Marathon

33:46 Set Up A Schedule

About Tony Pollard

As a nationally recognized leader, speaker, and trainer, Tony helps businesses who want to have stronger, more committed teams through his business Tony Pollard Speaks. He understands how to unlock a teams’ potential to achieve a more collaborative environment often resulting in an increased bottom line. Tony’s life experiences have shaped him. From each tough life experience from learning to  walk with leg braces he wore as a child to a humiliating dismissal from a favorite job and many other challenges, Tony learned how to embrace adversity and never settled for less than he felt he could achieve. Tony uses his experiences to encourage others to see that the real battle is not the outside forces that try to destroy us, it’s the ones within. He now devotes his free time and energy to help others embrace their failures or those moments that were a punch in the heart, and win.

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02:53 “Your universe changes as soon as you’re willing to get back up and keep moving forward. When you do that, you conquer your objectives.” – Tony Pollard

03:17 “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.” – Daniel Gomez quotes Winston Churchill

03:37 “When you get back up, you realize that the road is easier for that moment.” – Tony Pollard

04:14 “Life is not a race so you have to be willing to take on the marathon to get to the top.” – Tony Pollard 

06:51 “Amazing things happen when you own your failures. If you accept where you are, nothing’s going to change. You have to be willing to change the perspective of how people see you.” – Tony Pollard

07:48 “When you have a positive attitude, amazing things can happen.” – Tony Pollard 

08:48 “You can’t will yourself to a new positive attitude.” – Daniel Gomez

10:56 “The growth happens when you embrace it.” – Daniel Gomez

15:10 “If you let yourself settle, and don’t continue to do things, you will become stagnant.” – Tony Pollard

15:29 “We all have our ups and downs in life but you need to do something and continue to fight.” – Tony Pollard

22:12 “Sometimes just seeing more, is doing less of something.” – Daniel Gomez

24:37 “We should live life as the one to climb the highest mountain in the world, in anything and everything that drives us and moves us.” – Tony Pollard

26:44 “Things can happen. But you should be determined to grow from them.” – Tony Pollard

29:09 “You have to be willing to take one step to challenge yourself.” – Tony Pollard

29:47 “Be willing to make life a marathon, you’re not going to get rich overnight… Be willing to grow slow. When you do that, life will open for you.” – Tony Pollard

32:07 “When you’re looking so far ahead, you miss those things to be grateful for.” – Tony Pollard

32:17 “Surround yourself with great people… Continue to strive for more.” – Tony Pollard

35:31 “Make sure you’re doing something to challenge you, even if it’s minor because it’s never too small when you’re first starting. After you add to it, things change.” – Tony Pollard

38:09 “When you take care of the people around you, they take care of you and help you grow.” – Tony Pollard

38:24 “Gentleness comes from a strong leader.”  – Tony Pollard – the heart of gentleness

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