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How to Monetize Your Story with Steve Werner

Every single person is special and unique. There’s always somebody out there that wants what you have to offer. In this episode, Daniel and Steve Werner, the Monetization Expert, reveal how to monetize your gift and accelerate your growth. Steve also shares tips that will set you apart in the marketplace and experience winning outcomes. Don’t miss this week’s episode. Take action, change lives, and make money!

“If you can't trust yourself to hold to the commitments that you've made, you will never be truly successful because you'll never be able to count on yourself.” - Steve Werner

Episode Highlights

04:52 Know, Like, And Trust Somebody

07:07 Create An Offer & Tell Your Story

14:48 Believe In Yourself And Do It

19:50 Qualities of a Successful Leader

25:16 Build A Contract With Yourself

28:00 Where to Focus

32:43 Serve Someone And Get Back Into Momentum

About Steve Phillip Werner

Steve Phillip Werner, the Monetization Expert is from Vail, Colorado. His mission in life is to help people make money in their business. In addition, he is also a webinar and presentation expert. He is the founder of Monetize Your Tribe, a company that helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses turn their passion into a full-time lifestyle through webinars, presentations, and events that change lives.

Steve Werner

06:43 “You should always start with your story. It will attract legions of people to you, and it will repel the people who would be a bad customer for you in the first place.” – Steve Werner

08:10 “The most important thing is not price… The lower you are, the more you don’t stand out.” – Steve Werner

10:10 “Creating an offer is what sets you apart in the marketplace, not your price.” – Steve Werner

11:06 “People want to buy from somebody they know, like, and trust. All you have to do is tell your story even if it has nothing to do with your business. Your Passion will come through in your story.” – Steve Werner

13:07 “If you’re not passionate about it, find a job you’re passionate about.” – Steve Werner

14:26 “When you’re telling a story, no wall goes up.” – Steve Werner

17:26 “It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if people don’t know it.” – Steve Werner

19:17 “When you are getting rejection after rejection, it tests your will… Broadway will give anybody a cup of coffee but will not give you a stage without a fight. You need to work on it!” – Daniel Gomez

22:57 “Don’t let your ego get in the way… There are always people that are smarter than you out there. Go learn from them.” – Steve Werner

24:35 “You need to put your ego in check and humble yourself.” – Daniel Gomez

25:21 “Set a timeframe that you are going to stick with something… Go all-in on it for 90 days because that’s long enough that you will see if it has results and if it’s worth continuing, but it’s short enough that you can make the commitment and keep it.” – Steve Werner

26:21 “If you can’t trust yourself to hold to the commitments that you’ve made, you will never be truly successful because you’ll never be able to count on yourself.”  – Steve Werner

28:55 “Figure out what is best for you, not what is working best in the market… Figure out something that you can do that will get you this success because, in today’s world, there’s a ton of things out there that will work for you.” – Steve Werner

30:31 “Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses… If you try to build up your weaknesses, you are going to end up in mediocrity and being average. Instead, cut off your weaknesses, don’t focus on it, just get the bare minimum there that you need to.” – Steve Werner

31:30 “Focus on what you are good at, and blow that up because that’s where you’ll find your passion. If it turns you on and makes you feel warm and fuzzy, do more of that.” – Steve Werner

31:49 “When people feel your passion, they know that you’re going to do everything you possibly can… So work on your strengths, and outsource your weaknesses.” – Daniel Gomez

33:13 “There’s always somebody out there that wants what you have to offer. Every single person is special and 100% unique. There’s nobody else like you in the world.” – Steve Werner

33:52 “Go serve somebody because the minute you serve, you get back into momentum and you start to see the possibilities.” – Steve Werner34:46 “It feels good to help and to serve and you reap what you sow… If you’re not sowing any seeds of help, you’re not going to have a harvest.” – Daniel Gomez

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