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Strategies for Growth: Developing Your Brand Beyond Persona with Luke Lintz

We all want to grow, but allowing emotions to dictate choices frequently results in self-sabotage. Gaining clarity on your core values and beliefs through reflection makes acting on conviction easier. Yet developing this clarity is a challenge many face. Hence, developing self-awareness and knowing your priorities makes difficult choices simpler. 

This week, Daniel interviews Luke Lintz, a 24-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of HighKey. Through his PR firm, he has helped launch the brands of celebrities like Kevin Hart and Nicki Minaj while inspiring others to achieve their goals through strategic partnerships and generous giveaways.

Daniel and Luke provide actionable strategies for entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses and relationships. Listen in as they discuss the power of strategic giveaways for business growth as well as overcoming self-sabotage and imposter syndrome on the path to success, insights into developing authenticity on social media, surrounding oneself with uplifting influences, and making values-based decisions for personal and professional growth. 

“You can never lose if you are constantly giving. It was more than just giving away prizes; it was giving away as much value as possible.” —Luke Lintz

Episode Highlights
  • 01:38 The Impact of Giveaways on Business Growth
  • 06:37 Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • 11:21 Imposter Syndrome and Growth
  • 16:06 Speak Last
  • 25:02 The Social Media Trap
  • 29:45 Authenticity and Personal Branding
  • 37:23 Self-Awareness in Decision-Making
  • 41:43 Surround Yourself with Good Company




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Connect with Luke:

Luke Lintz is a serial entrepreneur who stepped out of an economics class at 16 to organize his first e-commerce business. Ninety days later he sold his entire $8,000 inventory at an ROI of 375%. Luke Lintz is now the founder and CEO of HighKey Enterprises LLC. HighKey Enterprises is a Puerto Rico company that makes brands HighKey famous through digital branding. Luke believes all entrepreneurs should find the areas of their business, and life, where they can make the greatest impact— and put 100% of their energy behind it. 


06:06 “You can never lose if you are constantly giving. It was more than just giving away prizes; it was giving away as much value as possible.” —Luke Lintz 

16:12 “It’s so hard for you to self-identify problems in your life. That is such an unbelievably high-level skill. And so you need a group of people around you that are striving towards greater or already at a greater level that can look into yourself and give you points of feedback for the problems that you’re facing.”  —Luke Lintz 

21:06 “None of us are perfect, that’s why we’re humans. We’re just trying to walk in a righteous direction.” —Luke Lintz

21:23 “If you come into a lot of money in your life, it doesn’t necessarily change the type of person you are. It embellishes who you already are.” —Luke Lintz

29:35 “They think ‘likes’ equate to revenue, and sometimes they do but I would say more often, it doesn’t.” —Daniel Gomez

30:23 “Your social media presence and your personal brand sticks with you forever. Your personal brand is the documentation of your entire life on a digital format.”  —Luke Lintz

33:03 “If people don’t love you for who you are, then you don’t need them in your lives.” —Daniel Gomez  

37:18 “Working out is a lifestyle because it’s who you are at the core because you value your body, you value your health.” —Daniel Gomez

37:31 “Being discerning over your friend group, is a large portion of knowing yourself very well. You can’t be discerning of the people around you unless you know yourself and to know yourself, you need to know the aspects that make up who you are.” —Luke Lintz

39:16 “The thing that’s bringing the most anxiety is all the decisions you have yet to make, the unknowns that you have in life.” —Luke Lintz

43:51 “Even if you have good morals, even if you have a good upbringing, and good childhood, if you’re around bad company for an extended period of time, they’ll corrupt every part of you.” —Luke Lintz