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Relationship Tips to be More Successful in Business AND in Love with Jim Hetherington

For many business professionals, success can cause tension in their personal relationships. They often have to put in long hours to reach their goals and this can increase the divide between them and their friends and family. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Balance is possible. By committing to both, we will be more satisfied and fulfilled in life.

Listen in as Daniel interviews Relationship Breakthrough Specialist, Jim Hetherington, to help us get insight into how business and relationships must go hand in hand — not one over the other. They also discuss common misconceptions about relationships, how to develop a meaningful relationship, how to raise the bar of love, how to test our level of self-love, the impact of our conversations on our relationship, and how willing to throw in a little extra can make a difference. 

“The degree you can love yourself is the degree you can love others. And to the degree you can love others is the degree of success that you will have.” —Jim Hetherington

Episode Highlights
  • 02:02 Why Relationships Suffer 
  • 05:23 Misconception About Relationships
  • 10:55  How High Are You Raising the Bar of Love? 
  • 15:32 Test Your Level of Self-Love
  • 22:51 The Power of Conversations 
  • 26:01 Be Willing to Throw Extra
  • 30:37 Practical Business Advice 


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Connect with Jim:

Jim Hetherington was born in 1960 and raised in Cambridge (Galt) Ontario, Canada. He still lives there with his wife of almost 4 decades. He is a teacher, speaker, coach, and an award-winning author. His passion is helping people understand the importance of having balance in all their relationships- personal, physical, and spiritual.


02:50 “You can have both— successful relationships and success in your business.” —Jim Hetherington

05:24 “Relationships are at the heart of everything that we do but we don’t always recognize them or acknowledge them— we just assume relationships are going to happen. Well, relationships aren’t just going to happen. We need to put effort into those.” —Jim Hetherington

05:53 “The best way to develop relationships is knowing who we are as a person.” —Jim Hetherington

10:25 “One reason we don’t have the best version of ourselves is because we’re so worried about what everybody else says.” —Daniel Gomez

10:55 “The degree you can love yourself is the degree you can love others. And to the degree you can love others is the degree of success that you will have.” —Jim Hetherington

18:29 “God uses the uncomfortable and the unlovable to teach us lessons just as much as he does the lovable and the agreeable… And it’s not because we need to learn how to get along with disagreeable people. We need to look at the root of why we disagree and find ways to come around in love.” —Jim Hetherington

25:07 “Being willing to serve and genuinely care for the other person is a great tactic to start using in your approach to relationships. And that will shift things around, too.” —Jim Hetherington

26:26 “When you sign the deal, throw in a little extra in there that serves people— that’s a genuine way to serve. It’s not just giving away, it’s finding ways to enhance that gift or the service that you’re offering.” —Jim Hetherington

32:49 “The best time to build great relationships is before they start. The second best time is now.” —Jim Hetherington

33:24 “The higher set of values we have, the better we’re going to relate to people; the better success we’re going to have.” —Jim Hetherington