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July 21, 2020
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August 4, 2020

The Only Investment You Will Ever Need to Boost Your Confidence! with Khalilah Johnson

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about emotions? This week, Daniel speaks with Khalilah Johnson, CEO of Redefined Unlimited. Khalilah talks about how anger kills confidence, the antidote to giving up, and how a pen and paper can change your life! If you are curious about how the most influential people make the most out of their adversities, hit the play button, and join in today’s inspiring conversation! Today’s takeaway: When the world throws bricks at you, build on them, and create a palace for yourself!

“There's something about… being able to say, ‘I am my greatest investment. I am worth the investment.’ -Khalilah Johnson

Episode Highlights:

02:20 How to be Humble & Resilient When Others Won’t Let You

08:43 Undefeated 

13:04 Hold On 

18:29 Write Your Anger Out

22:25 Rebuild Your Confidence: Invest In Yourself

29:59 Transform Your Heart

32:49 You’re Greatest Investment 

40:41 Adversities Thwarted


About Khalilah Johnson

Khalilah Johnson is a Trauma and Transformational Expert, Keynote Motivational Speaker of Khalilah Johnson International; Author and C.E.O. of Redefined Unlimited, a Coaching & Consulting Firm for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development. Khalilah is a survivor who knows how to sell others on themselves. From unpacking the past to impacting the future, Khalilah is a master at harnessing the mental momentum it takes to turn resistance into resilience. She is bold and brave when encouraging others to investigate family history to identify and confront dysfunctional patterns. Khalilah gives tools and action steps to continue the conversation and prepare the next generation for healing and wholeness with strength and established boundaries. A popular speaker with a huge following, Khalilah is known for empowering others to transform into the best version of themselves and leave a lasting legacy of being invincible. Her vision is to lead others through forgiveness, repentance, and to become people who change the world. 


“Being undefeated doesn’t always mean being the loudest person in the room.” -Daniel Gomez

“You weren’t meant to break. You’re stronger than you realize.” -Khalilah Johnson

“Hold on a little bit longer because you matter.” -Daniel Gomez

“Your breath, the very heartbeat in your chest reveals to you that there is still life yet to live.” -Khalilah Johnson

“If I was the reason that certain parts of my life look the way that they did, I could also be the reason that that could turn around.” -Khalilah Johnson

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.” -Daniel Gomez

 “Commonality is what keeps us from growing.” -Daniel Gomez

“ If you’re trying so hard to fit in, that’s not the group for you.” -Daniel Gomez

“I am my greatest investment.” -Khalilah Johnson

“If your dreams and your aspirations are not bigger than you, then you’re dreaming too small.” -Daniel Gomez

“Today, I learned from yesterday to change my tomorrow.”  -Khalilah Johnson

“It is an advantage to grow from any adversity that you’re faced with. We are made to continue to build even with the bricks that are thrown at you. Continue to grow every single moment.” -Khalilah Johnson

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