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June 30, 2020
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July 14, 2020

Unlock Your Confidence by Standing Up for Your Convictions with Kim Sutton

Are you getting overwhelmed by the everyday stresses in your life? Kim Sutton, the host of Positive Productivity Podcast, joins us today for another inspiring episode. In this world, where compromise becomes the easy way out, we are tempted to lose our integrity. But that is false hope. Kim speaks from experience about why entrepreneurs succumb to the idea of suicide, the danger of trying to be somebody you’re not, setting your boundary and sticking to it, knowing your value, unlocking your confidence by standing up to your conviction, values, and integrity, and so much more! If you feel you’ve lost your way, don’t give up the fight just yet until you listen to today’s podcast!

“Don't sit still and try to listen to your head. Sit still and listen to your heart and whatever answer you're looking for will come to you.” -Kim Sutton

Episode Highlights

01:58 Suicide- A Real Problem
07:24 The Danger of Comparing Yourself 
15:53 Regain Your Confidence: Boundaries and Values
21:19 Confidence in Money Matters
27:22 How to be Consistent
33:18 Truth and Integrity 
37:54 Listen to Your Heart

About Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton is a Business and Marketing Automation Mentor, Speaker, and Author. She is the host of the Positive Productivity Podcast. Having been through so much including depression, domestic violence, and lack of self-care, Kim’s mission is to help her clients be positively productive by empowering them to achieve success without the burnout. She believes that positive productivity stems from system+support+self-care. Positive productivity is not about perfection, it’s about having Prioritized Purposeful Actions. Today, Kim is out to help fellow entrepreneurs reclaim their lives and make their business work.

Kim Sutton

“We can either be ourselves and be proud of it, or we can rent something to make ourselves feel better.” -Kim Sutton

“We get wrapped up in our assumptions of what we think is a reality instead of just sharing our feelings because we’re scared.”-Kim Sutton

“The more we make, the more we can serve.” -Kim Sutton

“If we’re going to value what we charge people based upon our cost of living then we’re doing ourselves a disservice.”  -Kim Sutton

“If somebody doesn’t see your value, have the courage, the boldness, the confidence to walk away.”  -Daniel Gomez

“The truth can hurt sometimes, but you have to stand behind the truth.” -Kim Sutton

“Don’t sit still and try to listen to your head. Sit still and listen to your heart and whatever answer you’re looking for will come to you.” -Kim Sutton