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November 10, 2020
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The Benefits of Knowing Who You Are with Kirsten Elise Dunn

What if you can solve the problem of alignment in a matter of seconds? In this episode, Kirsten Elise Dunn, a successful Master Optician, Real Estate investor, and author, shares her secret meditation to be aligned with yourself. But why do we need to be deliberate about  who we are? Daniel and Kirsten discuss the connection between success and identity. They also talk about the advantages of remembering who you are, understanding your worth, knowing whose opinion matters, keeping money in the right perspective, and practicing  gratitude. The world is constantly telling us who we are and who we should be. But we have enough experiences to recognize that no one should live our life but us. Join in today’s conversation and discover how you can operate with control!

“When you really know who you are, you will rock it out excellently on your level." - Kirsten Dunn

Episode Highlights

03:52 A Conduit Person

07:48 KNOW Who You Are

12:44 REMEMBER Who You Are

17:29 Designed To Operate

22:14 Everyone Is Worthy

28:01 We Are Not Alone

35:30 Finding Ways To Be Grateful

41:50 Figure Out Your WHY

45:00 Favorite Quotes

48:17 Ability To Control

About Kirsten Elise Dunn

Kirsten Dunn is an Author, successful Master Optician and Real Estate investor that refuses to allow her life’s experiences to define her. This single mother of three has overcome more than any one person should have. Kirsten uses her pain to give her a purpose to influence. Kirsten feels in the center core of her purpose participating in the many speaking engagements, uplifting women and training men and women how to become Kingdom Minded Socialprenuers. Kirsten invests an ample amount of time in giving back to children in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Kirsten also visits prisons to testify how life beyond bars can exist without recidivism.

kirsten d

05:58 “Maintain that transparency, maintain that focus that God favours first and that’s what matters.” – Kirsten Dunn

08:25 “When you really know who you are, you will rock it out excellently on your level.” – Kirsten Dunn

10:47 “The true definition of who we are, is ‘I am a spirit.’ ” – Kirsten Dunn

15:06 “We really have to make sure we are constantly in the mirror of the Word of God to remind us who we are.” – Kirsten Dunn

21:02 “We are designed to operate in a kingdom mindset, atmosphere, and functionality.” – Kirsten Dunn

26:58 “Money does not change you, money will expose your truth.” – Kirsten Dunn

33:45 “We can’t love other people to the level that we’re supposed to if we don’t love us.” – Kirsten Dunn

39:40  “We just find a way to be grateful because gratitude will attract positive energy, gratitude will attract positive outcomes.” – Kirsten Dunn

49:41 “We all have a desire and a need to feel like and operate in control.”  – Kirsten Dunn

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