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November 3, 2020
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Stories Can Change the World- Yours Can! with Kyle Weckerly

We love hearing and telling incredible stories. But why do we do that? Because stories move hearts, change perception, and move one to action. That’s how powerful one story is; that’s how powerful YOUR story can be. Today, Kyle Weckerly shares valuable lessons he learned from being a Professional Ghostwriter. Listen as he shares how to find the courage to speak your truth, how reading can help you realize that you are not alone in your struggles, what it means to listen, and why we should ask tactful questions. Never underestimate the impact your message can create. Have an empowered week full of authenticity, empathy, and love!

“When we start looking through our eyes of love and compassion, the world gets a lot more peaceful, calm, and beautiful.” - Daniel Gomez

Episode Highlights

06:04 Believe In Yourself

08:57 I Am Worth It

12:42 A Little Push For Help

17:37 Ways To Overcome Our Losses

26:30 Consistently Answer Questions

30:49 Telling Stories As A Ghostwriter

34:39 Authenticity, Empathy, And Love In Business & Personal Standpoint

39:33 Keep Reading, We Are Not Alone

About Kyle Weckerly

Kyle Weckerly is a father of two daughters and a husband. He loves telling stories and sharing stories.  He has been writing since he was a teen. After earning a bachelor’s degree, Kyle entered the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Course offered through California State University at Long Beach. This year-long course taught him a methodology for how to ghostwrite stories and handle narratives. After graduating from the course, he has gone on to help countless individuals share their stories. Those stories may be shared with a small audience or a large one. What matters most is that they are shared! As a certified professional ghostwriter, he turned asset and investment managers into published authors. Kyle worked with authors who are coaches, consultants, mentors, speakers, high-ticket sales people, C-level executives, and business owners.

kyle w

00:02 “Listen to understand. But for those who are there to listen, listen to understand and ask questions.” – Kyle Weckerly

00:35 “Listen with an open heart and an open mind.” – Kyle Weckerly

32:45 “Help clients tell their story so that their story creates the change that they want to see in the world.” – Kyle Weckerly

36:05 “When we share more stories, we promote more empathy in the world.” – Kyle Weckerly

39:07 “When we start looking through our eyes of love and compassion, the world gets a lot more peaceful, calm, and beautiful.” – Daniel Gomez

40:10  “Keep reading, so that you realize you’re not alone in what you’re going through or where you are in life.” – Kyle Weckerly