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October 27, 2020
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Achieve Success In Your Business with Your Uniqueness as Your Investment with Lori McNeil

If success is what you aim for, do not be someone who imitates other people’s achievements. Be someone whom others would want to model on. Today’s guest, Lori McNeil talks about the tie-in between success and uniqueness. Join in and discover how consistent persistence can create incredible opportunities for you, how choosing the right target audience can accelerate your success, and why taking small, dedicated action steps now is more beneficial in the long run. The best investment you can make is your uniqueness. Though the journey may be uncomfortable and uncertain, believe that all the while, you are growing along the way. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation!

“Everything within you absolutely comes out externally in a way that no one else can replicate.” - Lori McNeil

Episode Highlights

04:50 Be Authentic

07:53 Building Foundation For A Successful Business

10:31 Entrepreneur At A Young Age

16:45 Don’t Listen To Labels

25:02 How To Gain Your Confidence

32:25 Consistently Persistent

38:58 We Are All Unique

About Lori McNeil

Lori McNeil grew up in a creative, hard-working family. She made her barrettes for Christmas bazaars as a first-grader, to taking out her first bank loan at age 11 to start her own hotdog stand. As an adult, she has spent years in education and business, while also being an involved consultant, politician, community advocate and volunteer—both domestically and internationally. Lori is passionate in helping people achieve more success. She loves working with people and businesses, guiding them as they seek to achieve higher levels of success in their personal and professional lives.


00:47 “There’s so many different things that you don’t even know unless you show up, which is why one of the other important keys is consistent persistence.” – Lori McNeil

05:55 “Being aligned with the right media outlets, will then be aligned with your right target audience to impact the people that are magnetically attracted to you.”  – Lori McNeil

32:29 “You can’t grow when you’re comfortable. You have to get outside your comfort zone if you want to grow.” – Lori McNeil

34:58 “It’s not possible to make enough wrong turns, because you are showing up in the world that only you can. And your destiny is what you are designed for. You will end up in the place that you are supposed to end up.” – Lori McNeil

38:31 “You have to take that next step because it’s absolutely not possible for the goal to come out unless you do.” – Lori McNeil

39:37 “We’re all unique, and we all matter.” – Daniel Gomez

41:48 “Nobody else can be me, I can’t be anyone else.”  – Lori McNeil

42:34 “Everything within you absolutely comes out externally in a way that no one else can replicate.” – Lori McNeil