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5 Keys Towards a Happy, Superabundant, and Fulfilling Life with Lisa Williams


Do you at times feel an emptiness in your life? If you do, that is a good indication that you have an awareness of what you deserve. Listen to your inner voice and sail towards your purpose as Daniel and Lisa Williams, “America’s Business Matchmaker” help you leverage your unique gift and live your dreams. Discover five keys toward a happy, more fulfilling life in abundance: find your WHY, make your imagination run wild, be consistent, level up, and take a courageous leap. Join the conversation as Daniel and Lisa break down each of these secret codes and get ready to magnetize your dream life!   

“Be a kid again and let your imagination run wild. Envision the life that you want. The more you focus on what you want, the more you attract it to yourself.” - Lisa Williams

Episode Highlights
  • 03:26 Live A Fulfilling Life
  • 11:24 Finding Your Why
  • 16:01 Let Your Imagination Run Wild
  • 21:40 Be Consistent In What You Do
  • 29:19 Become A Better Version of Yourself
  • 32:50 Take That Leap


About Lisa:

Lisa Williams is “America’s Business Matchmaker,” Entrebeliever, and holds the role of Chief Inspiration Officer at Lisa Williams Co.  Through the creation of her programs, Dream Business Launch, Wealth Minded Women, Perfect Side Gigs program, and Journey to Financial Wellness Programs, she is on a mission to empower, equip and inspire 1 million people to hire themselves!  After spending more than 27 years in a corporate recruiting career that blessed her life with financial freedom and reaching a net worth of nearly $2 million, Lisa shifted to help others take that brave leap into entrepreneurship and business building. 

The programs at Lisa Williams Co help people identify the gifts God blessed them with that they haven’t even tapped into and introduces her tribe to the variety of “business in a box” options available in today’s busy marketplace. The shift from employee to business builder mindset is the biggest struggle many entrepreneurs face and Lisa tackles that issue head on as well. The mission at Lisa Williams Co is to bring joy and passion to people’s lives through the principles of business building and entrepreneurship.  The pillars of her company are faith, family, finance and “Filanthropy”!


09:11 “Somehow, we have this illusion that we will live forever; that we’re invincible; or that nothing can stop us… You don’t realize that you’ve lived half your life miserable in a position that is not fulfilling you.” – Daniel Gomez

10:43 “Be proactive in following that dream, that desire you have in your heart. Because the moment you’re proactive, you approach it from a different standpoint.” – Daniel Gomez

11:47 “We each have a PhD in us, and the abilities, skills, and gifts that we’ve been captured and blessed with to serve our communities in whatever way we do. It’s unique to us.” – Lisa Williams

18:59 “You have to have an imagination to give you a vision that’s going to become reality. We don’t realize how powerful our imagination is.” – Daniel Gomez

19:56 “Be a kid again and let your imagination run wild. Envision the life that you want. The more you focus on what you want, the more you attract it to yourself.” – Lisa Williams

20:10 “Take a step further. Don’t just do it for yourself.” – Lisa Williams

24:28 “If you’re consistent, persistent and have a good work ethic, and you apply that to whatever you do in your day job, to your own business, then you will be successful.” – Lisa Williams

25:08 “If you have a proven system that works, you will be successful if you follow it.”  – Lisa Williams

31:03 “We need to generate more to be generous…” – Lisa Williams 

34:35 “Take that brave leap, and you’ll find tremendous joy and abundance.” – Lisa Williams 

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