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How to Maximize Your Opportunities and Score Better Outcomes with Scott Joseph


The sweetest success comes after the darkest adversities. So if success seems impossible at the moment, trust that you are on the right track. Success comes with patience, but there is something you can do now to maximize your opportunities. This week, Daniel and Scott Joseph, CEO of JandL Marketing share timeless wisdom you can apply to develop a mental state and attitude aligned with your trajectory. They also discuss how to overcome limiting beliefs, move out of your comfort zone, improve your skill set, and keep growing. If you feel like everything is off track, tune in as Scott shares how you can get better outcomes, simply from the type of questions you ask. Be fearless and take that next step to success. But most importantly, be patient. Great things take time. 

“People think the results come instant...You have to build relationships and experiences, there's a lot of things that go into making someone great.” - Scott Joseph

Episode Highlights
  • 6:01 When Results Don’t Come Instantly
  • 14:54 Prospecting
  • 19:50 How to Maximize Opportunities
  • 27:52 Mental State And Attitude
  • 32:16 An Empowering Belief System
  • 37:06 What Limiting Belief Can Do
  • 47:38 Focus On The Questions


About Scott:

Scott Joseph, a former college drop-out, is an entrepreneur, a marketer, move crush count podcast host, the owner of multiple automobile dealerships and the CEO & Founder of J&L Marketing, a digital and direct marketing agency that helps business leaders move the crowd, crush the competition and count the money. Scott has worked with 6-9 figure entrepreneurs and executives as well as some of the world’s largest and most aspirational brands to help them experience the excitement of out-smarting and out-marketing their toughest competitors.


10:28 “People think the results come instant… but there’s a lot of things that go into making someone great.” – Scott Joseph

11:55 “Many people just want to taste victory but don’t want to go through the fire to get refined.” – Daniel Gomez

25:08 “You have to be prepared. Part of the preparation before going to war is basic training. Those preparations, trials, and errors are going to make us great.” – Daniel Gomez

25:32 “In reality, without the proper foundation, no business is going to survive.” – Daniel Gomez

36:07 “Limiting belief doesn’t let you compete and hinders you to be ready. Do not allow limiting beliefs.” – Scott Joseph

37:07 “You just got to go do and quit waiting for things to be perfect.” – Scott Joseph

38:57 “You can have a comfort zone of different sizes.” – Scott Joseph

39:08 “There’s so many businesses that have hit a plateau. There’s always a plateau, where you get comfortable. And if you stop growing, you start dying.” – Daniel Gomez

39:50 “To move forward, give up control on some things.” – Scott Joseph

40:27 “Life is a series of seasons just like we have seasons in business.”  – Daniel Gomez

45:25 “Be selfless because when someone feels appreciated, they’ll go above and beyond for you.” – Daniel Gomez

46:55Try not to worry because when you worry, you experienced the same amount of pain as if it had already happened to you.” – Scott Joseph

48:21 “Don’t give up and assess how you’re doing. Don’t make the mistake of giving up and justifying it… Lean into something a little bit heavier; keep going.” – Scott Joseph

49:50 “Successful people start asking themselves better questions… It’s about asking questions that force your brain to come up with answers and solutions.” – Scott Joseph

51:12 “What you put in your brain is so important… The more negative thoughts you put into it, the worse your questions, the worse your outcome. Ask yourself better questions.” – Scott Joseph


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