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Be The New You and Soar High! with LaChelle Adkins


Stop allowing opportunities to pass by! Overcome your fears and welcome each possibility that comes your way. In this episode, Daniel and LaChelle will help you go down the path of becoming the new you. Hear valuable insights on how you can grow and become a greater person, be in charge of your life, stay true to your values, gather the strength to keep persevering, and overcome the ego that makes it difficult to rise. Keep dreaming and work hard until you reach those dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from flying high. Tune in and discover the secret to a life with no excuses, only dreams come true. 

“Continue to dream because dreams can come true. At times we're living in nightmares instead of our dreams, because we're not taking the steps necessary to make these dreams come true.” - LaChelle Adkins

Episode Highlights
  • 04:25 Work On Your Mindset: Have A Can Do Attitude
  • 15:15 Become The New You
  • 19:00 Focus On The Positive And Put Your Best Foot Forward
  • 23:52 There Is No Overnight Success
  • 28:51 We Are All  On The Same Level
  • 34:15 Be Transparent
  • 40:02 Remember That You Are Enough


About LaChelle:

LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom is the Vice President of the All Stars Chapter at TEAM Referral Network Virtual Chapters. Her typical day consists of juggling marriage, ministry, career, charity and tending to 13 of her 15 children with a smile instead of stress. Behind her smile were a lot of tears and pain. She was hospitalized three times for depression and stress. However, she has learned so many lessons from her pain. After realizing that she had no power with the victim mindset, she decided to change to a victor mindset. She now has a life with purpose, healthy boundaries, a daily routine, and time with regular self care.

LaChelle is passionate about sharing her experiences to help empower women through coaching to overcome life’s obstacles and live a fulfilled life. Her personal journey of self reflection led her to create her “fresh start” strategy. This strategy serves as a foundation for her to co-design customized strategies for other women. If you are struggling with life balance, stress, self confidence, depression, motivation it is possible to fix these areas and wake up daily with a smile.


07:26 Nothing is too hard where you have to make an excuse. God is not going to put anything on you that you can’t bear.” – LaChelle Adkins

13:51 “So many times, we want our life and our business to change, but we never put that focus on the thought patterns that we have within our own mindset.” – Daniel Gomez

15:47 “Be honest with yourself. So often, with our ego, we want to blame people but one should be willing to tell the truth about some stuff.” – LaChelle Adkins

16:29 “It’s okay to ask for help… Begin the process of finding out how you can change your situation, rather than believing that it is your destiny to stay where you are.” – LaChelle Adkins

16:57 “Continue to dream because dreams can come true. At times we’re living in nightmares instead of our dreams, because we’re not taking the steps necessary to make these dreams come true.”  – LaChelle Adkins

17:46 “It’s time you get serious about the results.” – Daniel Gomez

19:25 “The presentation is like a game and everything else is practice. The game is won in practice, not in the game. And people end up seeing the fruits of your labor when you play the game.”  – LaChelle Adkins

20:18 “Heroes are made in the dark. So often, we compare ourselves to everyone’s highlight reel but you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.”  – LaChelle Adkins

21:51 “So many times we are so serious in life and in business that you miss the fun part.” – Daniel Gomez

23:08 “When you’re not doing the work, you’re not going to ask the right questions.” – LaChelle Adkins

24:13 “There’s no such thing as overnight success, whether you’re career minded, or an entrepreneur, or even in a family.” – Daniel Gomez

30:01 “Keep in God’s vision instead of planning your own vision.” – LaChelle Adkins

31:03 “Always be conscious of decreasing yourself. You have more impact when you are willing to get down off the pedestal that people put you off.” – LaChelle Adkins

36:24 “Be transparent… When people show you how they are, believe them. You don’t have to judge people, you don’t have to try to explain, you just see where they are.” – LaChelle Adkins

39:06 “Tell people the truth. Educate people how to level up in a way that serves you in them.” – LaChelle Adkins

39:32 “There’s work that goes with that income producing activities.” – LaChelle Adkins

41:20 “You have to know that you are enough. Don’t let somebody’s five minutes of fame rob you of your whole future.” – LaChelle Adkins

42:35 “Use your energy in creating your own dream. Don’t waste your dreams on building stories for other people when you have your own life that you can be in charge of.” – LaChelle Adkins

42:58 “Do whatever it takes to start with one thing that gets you out of bed and keep growing from there. You’re not alone. We all have the same challenges.” – LaChelle Adkins

47:03 “God will not put more on you than you can bear… We need to stop limiting our vision to what’s in front of us, and begin to create the vision that we want to see in the future.” – LaChelle Adkins

48:25You created the place where you’re at based on your past actions. So if you want something different tomorrow, you can do something today. That’s going to reap a different harvest for you tomorrow.” – LaChelle Adkins

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