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June 4, 2023
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June 18, 2023

One Word to Zap the Negativity From Your Life and Heal From Within with Liza Boubari

It is said that the only thing holding us back from greatness is our mindset. Having a negative mindset can be all consuming and can impact our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

Therefore, healing should start from our inner being. It is not just about fixing the physical body, it’s about confronting the roots of an issue and allowing the mind, body, and soul to unify and work together in synergy. By exploring our inner-self, we can gain a new level of insight, find harmony amongst life’s chaos, and unlock our full potential! 

In this episode, Daniel and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Liza Boubari share how changing our inner dialogue can help reset our mind and transform our story into a more upbeat and encouraging narrative. They also talk about how we can get the most of our experiences, stand up for who we are, overcome anxiety, and say “Yes!” to ourselves. 

"The first person that we have a hard time looking at is the soul of the person in the mirror. That's why the healing starts within." —Liza Boubari

Episode Highlights
  • 03:19 Powerful Females
  • 06:08 How to Get the Most of Our Experiences
  • 09:39 Change Your Story
  • 15:09 A Negative Word to Avoid 
  • 19:07 Everything is Mindset
  • 22:48 Where Anxiety Comes From
  • 27:25 Self-Doubt Destruct
  • 34:08 Project Your Presence 


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Connect with Liza:

Liza is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Her journey in hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under pressure and stress. Because she was not in tune with her body, she had not yet realized its impact on her mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her body had created ovarian cysts, which forced her to acknowledge and understand her pain and discomfort. She was scheduled to undergo a third surgery for the cysts when the HR director of the law firm she worked at referred her to an acupuncturist, who referred her to a hypnotherapist.

Then, through hypnotherapy, she discovered the tragic reality of why her body was creating incessant ovarian cysts. That connection with her body’s core was the healing that made the surgery unnecessary. This powerful experience with the science of hypnosis was what led her to discover her true purpose of helping others heal.


04:18 “We don’t really get to see our own negativities or even our gifts until someone highlights it.” —Liza Boubari

07:19 “Every single day, we have the power of choice. We can change anything at a given moment.” —Liza Boubari

08:30 “Verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse. Words hurt so much more sometimes in the physical aspect of it.” —Daniel Gomez

09:42 “Your history is history. And you have the choice to change the story.” —Liza Boubari

14:21 “So many times we get comfortable in our struggles, we get comfortable in our sufferings, but we’re so content there that we don’t see the damage it is causing to us.” —Daniel Gomez

15:13 “The word ‘should’, in itself, is negative… In a way, ‘should’ create doubt in ourselves and also take the responsibility off of [us] and put it on another.” —Liza Boubari

19:31 “Being a millionaire starts with a mindset. Everything that we do is a mindset.” —Liza Boubari

28:29 “The first person that we have a hard time looking at is the soul of the person in the mirror. That’s why the healing starts within.” —Liza Boubari

34:15 “Our eyes are not only to see, but to project what we witness.” —Liza Boubari