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May 28, 2023
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June 11, 2023

How to Find Your Inner Peace with Julia Gandy

Anxiety can be a major obstacle in our journey towards inner peace. It can cause us to focus on negative emotions and thoughts, making it difficult to find clarity or direction. 

But with patience and self-compassion, we can learn how to manage our anxiety so that it doesn’t take over our lives. Through this process, we can learn to accept ourselves for who we are and find the inner peace within us.

This week, Daniel and peace advocate, Julia Gandy help us identify the obstacles to achieving peace along with exercises and biohacks we can implement to help us maintain our peace for a lifetime. They also share the importance of setting boundaries, practicing self-care, protecting our balance, and being our own cheerleader.

"Live life while you're here. And that's what we're here: we're here to expand and we're here to grow." —Julia Gandy

Episode Highlights
  • 01:54 Meet Jersey Girl
  • 04:30 The Struggle for Peace
  • 08:26 Feed Yourself
  • 12:41 The Mirror Exercise
  • 20:29 Attitude Breathing
  • 26:38 Keep Your Balance
  • 32:12 Do Not Limit Yourself
  • 36:52 Why We Don’t Have Peace


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Connect with Julia:

Julia Gandy Torres is a peace minister, advocate and has been a peace builder for many years.

Along with being in the wellness field, she has helped many people find access to inner peace and ways to build self love. She is the host of the Peace and Love Amplifiers podcast whose mission is to amplify the voices of those building peace and intentionally working through love to make the world work better for all.


05:22 “We don’t give ourselves that capacity to just stop. And that’s what we need to do.” —Julia Gandy

08:23 “Sometimes, we forget to live that life in front of us.” —Daniel Gomez

10:02 “Sometimes you have to fix your cup before you can fill it up. And then once it’s full, then others can drink from the overflow.” —Julia Gandy

20:31 “It’s just a matter of acknowledging what feeling you’re feeling.” —Julia Gandy

23:43 “Many times the decisions that we make are not based on right or wrong— it’s based on the inner child that’s inside of us.” —Daniel Gomez

29:13 “When we’re growing, when we’re expanding, that’s where the space and the grace comes in, because we need to allow ourselves that uncomfortableness.” —Julia Gandy

34:24 “It’s a journey; fall in love with the journey of it… and take that with you and use it as a fuel.” —Julia Gandy

35:26 “Live life while you’re here. And that’s what we’re here: we’re here to expand and we’re here to grow.” —Julia Gandy