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July 2, 2021
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July 12, 2021

The Secret to Win at Life and In Business with Maria Rodriguez


You are destined for greatness! There’s something bigger out there waiting for you. In this episode, Daniel and Maria Rodriguez  teach how to grow personally and professionally in a healthy and stable way. Learn how to remove the toxicity in your life, form healthy habits, adapt a more positive mindset,  and create an environment that fosters growth. You have the gift to do it. Manifest it to make it your reality. Tune in and discover the power of will! 

“Mindset becomes your reality. Everything that you're manifesting on the inside is going to show on the outside.” - Maria Rodriguez

Episode Highlights
  • 03:14 Helping Women Walk In Confidence
  • 07:56 Your Mindset Is Your Reality
  • 10:51 The Power Of Will 
  • 14:01 Habits Are Powerful
  • 18:00 Raise Your Level Of Self-Awareness
  • 24:16 Take Risk And Invest In Yourself 
  • 29:00 Be Resilient And See Your Value
  • 37:16 Humility Necessary for New Learnings 



About Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez is a Keynote Speaker, Certified Fitness and Nutritional Coach located in San Antonio, Texas. She is a 27 year old twin mother, who worked in the service industry for 10 years before launching one of the first in-home fitness services in Texas. Her journey to impact women’s lives began in 2019 when Maria Rodriguez founded Girl Code Fitness from the ground up. As 2020 unraveled uncertainty, Maria pivoted GCF to online coaching. While many businesses suffered, GCF thrived. That year it earned its nutrition component making it GCFN. Walking into 2021 like a warrior, Maria then took the challenge of becoming Keynote a Speaker. Her mission will remain the same, to transform one woman at a time. Maria’s passion for fitness and nutrition brings longevity into her client’s lives. She has a contagious energy and a powerful life journey that most women can resonate with. Maria is the valuable coach you need.


06:34 “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” – Maria Rodriguez

07:06 “Who we are on the outside is a reflection of how we see ourselves on the inside.” – Daniel Gomez

08:57 “Mindset becomes your reality. Everything that you’re manifesting on the inside is going to show on the outside.” – Maria Rodriguez

11:55 “You should get rid of anyone who’s not supporting you on this journey you need to take on for your health.” – Maria Rodriguez

12:09 “You can start it on your own and it just takes the power of will. It takes you wanting to change you.” – Maria Rodriguez

13:19 “You’re not alone. reach out for help.” – Maria Rodriguez

14:32 “Little habits a day can change your life dramatically… Habits are powerful!” – Maria Rodriguez

16:22 “Call out your future actions as bad or good decisions so they can become reality. We cannot control genetics or the way that some people are built, but we can control what goes into our mouth.” – Maria Rodriguez

26:10You will be successful on the day you want to breathe as much as you want.” – Maria Rodriguez

28:03 “You’re not winning in life and in business because you’re not willing to risk and invest in who you are.” – Daniel Gomez

33:39 “You have to change your environment if you want your life to change. God will bring new friends, new associations, new people that will help you wherever you want to go.” – Daniel Gomez

36:12 “People from the hood are the realest people you’ll ever meet.” – Maria Rodriguez

39:54 “I do not ask for smaller problems. I asked for broader shoulders.” – Maria Rodriguez

40:27 “Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.” – Maria Rodriguez by Jim Rohn

42:12 “Fix those bridges before they’re unfixable.” – Maria Rodriguez

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