Introducing The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show
Introducing The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show
May 15, 2020
The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show Melahni Ake
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May 15, 2020

Build a Business Plan Around Your Book with Michael D. Butler

It’s time to put all the reasons you believe you can’t write a book behind you! Get ready to be inspired and empowered by the brilliance of Michael D. Butler, founder of Beyond Publishing, and Daniel Gomez, as they share the benefits writing a book can have for you AND the audience you aspire to serve.

Episode Highlights

02:54 Relaunching Daniel’s book
04:18 Telling stories
05:59 Why authors write books
11:58 Taking action, moving forward and having a plan
13:37 Differentiating yourself
17:03 Planting seeds
25:54 Sticker Shock Speaking Academy
32:00 Overcoming challenges
37:47 Doing what you’re called to do
38:37 Abundance mindset

About Michael D. Butler

Michael D. Butler

Called the Simon Cowell of book publishing, Michael D. Butler turns authors into best-sellers and international speakers. If you’re an author, speaker or expert he can help get you into bookstores and on stages.

When he’s not traveling the globe supporting his Author’s book launches, Michael enjoys family time with his 4 sons and 2 grandsons.


The way we tell stories is the way we shape future generations.” Michael D. Butler

20% of the income that a speaker gets is from their books. And the rest is from their coaching, is from their workshops, is from their other programs. So if you think you’re going to get rich by writing a book, let me just burst that bubble now and manage your expectations.” Michael D. Butler

If you don’t write the book that God’s put into your heart, somebody else is going to do it.” ~ Michael D. Butler

Writing the book can help you differentiate, but tell us why. Give us your why. Tell us what makes you different and give us a hook. Give us a practical takeaway.” ~ Michael D. Butler

As an author, if you don’t believe in your story, if you can’t get excited, then maybe you’re writing on the wrong topic.” ~ Michael D. Butler

If you don’t plant, you don’t receive.” ~ Michael D. Butler

When you’re hungry and when your business is hungry, business is still there, you just gotta plant more seeds to get it. And seeds take a while to germinate and grow. It’s about breadcrumbs. You’ve got to throw out some organic breadcrumbs on social media.” ~ Michael D. Butler

80% of the content right now on all social media platforms right now is video. So if you’re not comfortable with video, you need to get comfortable with video because you’re missing the boat and you’re gonna get left behind.” ~ Daniel Gomez

At the end of the day, the government can’t be our source. God has to be our source, or, if you don’t believe in God, the universe. Just realize that the gifts you’ve been created with are enough. And all you need is for that day is to take care.” ~ Michael D. Butler

But ultimately, at the end of the day, I gotta get quiet and ask my heart, ‘OK. How do I need to best prepare? Buy, sell or hold?’” ~ Michael D. Butler

When you are doing what you were called to do, and you’re spending time investing in the dream God gave you, it’s going to multiply.” ~ Michael D. Butler

“You have to have an abundance mindset. You have to be an increase thinker. And, especially in these times right now, you definitely gotta get outside your comfort zone. Cause the ones that are going to stay in their comfort zone, you’re not going to make it. You need to get out of your comfort zone.” ~ Daniel Gomez