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From Believer to Achiever: What You Need to Reach Your Dreams with Patricia Grover 

We all have a dream or goal in life but not everyone is able to achieve it. What can we do to ultimately achieve success? In this episode, Daniel sits with Patricia Grover to unlock the key on how to turn believers into achievers. Patricia shares what helped her heal her heart and overcome adversities in life. Learn how intentionally setting goals and savoring small wins can speed up your success. If you don’t know what to do when you’re on the brink, listen to Patricia as she gives you the needed action steps to move forward and attain your goals.

“Dream big... Think about what you want to have and what you want to do. Wonder what you want to be.” – Patricia Grover

Episode Highlights

04:40 Know, Like And Trust Yourself

10:21 Go Back and Dig Deep On Yourself: Know Your Purpose and Why’s

14:09 Be More Aggressive, Take Risks!

18:08 Put Pieces Together and Have Your Sensory Vision

21:09 Have The Courage And Consistency

25:57 From Pain Comes Wisdom

About Patricia Grover

Patricia Jo Grover, The Goal Achievement Strategist, is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Conquering Skills Educator, Mentor and Show Host of “The Rise Above Show” formerly “The Patricia Jo Grover Show”. Through her show, she has influenced many people to rise above challenges and turn believers into achievers. Furthermore, her show allows people to realize that they are worthy, capable and are never alone. Everything she does with her business is coming from a genuine place of service in her heart. She has the passion to help people live life purposefully, joyfully, and gratefully.

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04:24 “Do not let the past hold you back, but use it as a tool to move you forward.” – Patricia Grover

07:04 “God puts in whom we need to have in our path at that point in time.” – Patricia Grover

07:46 “We all have some type of healing that we need.” – Daniel Gomez

08:12 “Take a chance to learn how to trust yourself. If you made a wrong decision, that doesn’t mean that your next decision or choice will not be a winning one.” – Daniel Gomez

08:54 “You are worthy and capable of having a happy, healthy relationship but it all starts with you knowing to trust and love yourself.” – Patricia Grover

09:24 “In a relationship, you have to show up for yourself before you can show up for anybody else. It is a two-way street.” – Patricia Grover

09:38 “You have to love yourself and show love to yourself before you can show love to someone else.” – Daniel Gomez

13:10 “Incremental wins help you build your self-esteem and give you power to move forward.” – Patricia Grover

13:39 “Small wins don’t seem so huge. But the more you have them, the more your confidence is built up.” – Daniel Gomez

16:12 “Raise your standards, raise your expectations… You’ll get what you desire.” – Daniel Gomez

18:31 “Dream big… Think about what you want to have and what you want to do. Wonder what you want to be.” – Patricia Grover

20:31 “Get a bigger vision, get a bigger dream and you’ll start to attract the people, the situations, the places that you need to be at to achieve those goals.” – Daniel Gomez

21:25 “Have the courage and consistency… If you keep on going, you will get there.” – Patricia Grover

22:52 “God helps those who help themselves. You just need to keep doing what you’re doing to move forward.” – Patricia Grover

24:40 “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” – Patricia Grover from Dr. Wayne Dyer

25:17 “Lay a strong foundation for grand and glorious things to build upon.” – Patricia Grover

26:26 “From pain comes wisdom… We all have baggage. Get rid of those things that no longer fit the new you.” – Patricia Grover

27:33 “I walk my own talk.” – Patricia Grover

28:51 “I’m happy to be perfectly me… I’ve gotten to know, like, trust, and love myself.” – Patricia Grover

29:32 “One just needs to look within and when you look within the answer lies within.” – Daniel Gomez 

30:49 “You can give another person grace that you may not give yourself.” – Patricia Grover