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How to Pursue Your Gifts and Bring Hope to the World with Jesse Cruz

Every single person has a unique gift. But pursuing it can be quite a challenge especially if adversities come one after another. What can help? In this episode, Daniel sits with Jesse Cruz to discuss how to pursue one’s God-given gift to bring hope and encouragement to the world.  Jesse shares some of his adversities in life and how he was able to overcome it. Learn how setting the growth at the end of the process becomes worth it. If you feel you lack confidence and perseverance to cross that fear line, listen to Jesse as he speaks from his heart to share messages of hope and encouragement. Use these tips to keep pushing forward in reaching your dreams!

“Anytime there's a long process, there's long beautiful growth at the end of it.” - Jesse Cruz

Episode Highlights

02:18 Readjust Relationships

08:22 Overcome Self-Doubt

13:12 Likes Don’t Equate Love

15:57 Share God-Given Gifts With Others

21:43 Live Your Dash, Stay In Your Lane

23:50 Focus On Little Things

29:02 Overcome Vulnerability: Share Your Pain

About Jesse Cruz

Jesse Cruz is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, Advocate, and Veteran who inspires others to achieve their goals. Jesse is a highly sought after speaker from his experience at speaking  events for My Brother’s Keeper Initiative through the Obama foundation, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. Ronald McDonald House and many others. Jesse teaches on Storytelling, Leadership and Relationships. He is the author of multiple books such as “Live Your Dash – Discovering the 8 Fs to Freedom and Losing Faith, Finding Hope” which both communicate the power of vulnerability to build community.  


5:36 “Being a world changer starts in your own home.” – Jesse Cruz

9:26 “There’s a long process; there’s long beautiful growth at the end of it.” – Jesse Cruz

10:32 “Every single person has some degree of self-doubt, no matter how confident they are, no matter how great they are at a particular thing. There are moments of insecurity…We shouldn’t let the moment dominate our entire mind.” – Jesse Cruz

12:06 “ Don’t allow the best salesman in the world-self doubt- to contaminate, destroy, and kill your dreams.” – Daniel Gomez

13: 55 “Likes don’t equate love… Likes take two seconds. Love takes a lifetime.” – Jesse Cruz

14:21 “Likes is shallow. Love is deeper.” – Daniel Gomez

18:35 “Discipline is the daily consistency to achieve greatness.” – Jesse Cruz

18:56 “Every single person has a gift… There’s a gift and dream that was stored in you before you were even born.” – Jesse Cruz

20:21 “We all have a gift within our heart… You need to believe that dream for yourself because somebody out there needs to hear and know what your gift is.” – Daniel Gomez

23:23 “Comparison kills our identity and kills our dreams.” – Daniel Gomez

25:46 “When you’re focusing on too many things, and trying to get to the big things, you’re going to miss the small things.” – Jesse Cruz

 26:01 “If we take the time to appreciate the small things, we’re also going to be more prepared for when those big things come.” – Jesse Cruz

27:07 “You need to learn to value everybody the same way, not just run over the small people in your life.” – Daniel Gomez

28:01  “All things are big in God’s eyes, nothing is small.” – Daniel Gomez

28:15 “Appreciate the small moments of life… There’s something so unique and so special about them.” – Jesse Cruz

28:41 “If we treat everyone with respect, then everyone will have value.” – Jesse Cruz

30:58 “There’s some things you don’t ever get over, you just learn how to get through it… Even on your worst day, there’s something beautiful that can come.” – Jesse Cruz

31:53 “Pain is meant to be shared, not for you to keep it to yourself and act like nobody understands. People need to hear what you’ve gone through to know that they can get to the next day.” – Jesse Cruz

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