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Hit Your Stride! with Dave Foy

Two notorious assailants are lurking around and are still out to find their next prey. Fear and comfort have victimized many and they don’t realize it until it dawns on them that unhappiness is the only word to describe their journey. In this episode, Daniel and Dave Foy, host of the top-ranked podcast The Fixed Ops Mastermind discuss effective strategies to pass through fear and break-away from comfort. Dave also talks about grabbing the opportunity when it presents itself, leadership with wisdom, and extending impact to a greater degree. Anything can be an obstacle or an advantage- depends on how you see and use it. Tune in and find your stride!

“You have more to offer. You need to get in a position where you can impact more people-Dave Foy

Episode Highlights

03:55 Comfort & Fear

08:32 How To Overcome Fear

13:57 Tips In Transforming Your Thinking

23:10 Open Up Those Windows

25:13 A Complex Man

28:21 Evolve Or Die

About Dave Foy

Dave Foy started in the automotive business in 1987 as a technician. He quickly learned that working on the cars was not his passion, working with people was!  He moved to being a service writer and continued his journey to hold multiple roles inside the dealership all the way to being a fixed operations director for multiple store groups. Dave now uses his passion for developing high performing teams in his leadership and coaching programs.  The Fixed Ops Mastermind Leaders group is a collection of forward thinking professionals looking to be always ahead of the curve. Dave is also the host of the top ranked podcast The Fixed Ops Mastermind. Through his many varied guests he explores leadership from multiple angles.

Dave foy

08:34 “Fear never goes away. Face it and move past it.” – Dave Foy

09:48  “Do something every single day to help you move in the direction that you want to go and to get yourself there.”  – Dave Foy

17:07  “Leadership is not a skill. It’s a skillset.” – Dave Foy

18:00 “You always need to be assessing where you are, even if you are satisfied with where you are right now.”  – Dave Foy

20:28  “If you can’t put a real WHY to something, then what is the point of continuing that behavior?”  – Dave Foy

23:19 “No matter how boring you think your life is, you have a story that somebody can be inspired by. What you need to do is start telling that story.” -Dave Foy

23:56 “Things open up when you open up.” -Dave Foy

29:44 “There should be nothing that stops you from constantly building the life that you want. You need to start by having that vision and knowing what you want.”  – Dave Foy

30:03 “Envision the life that you want, the impact that you want to make in your life, and going out and achieving those things.”  – Dave Foy