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How to Get Out of Your Box and Experience Amazing Opportunities with Munira Zahabi

Amazing opportunities have rare value but they are not elusive. They are actually found everywhere, you just have to know where to look. In this episode, Daniel sits with Niche Navigator, Munira Zahabi to discuss how to get out of our box and set out for an amazing journey! Munira tells the tales of her adventure with golden bits of lessons we can learn from. Learn why getting out of the box is not as terrifying as it sounds, and what benefits come from doing it. And the most wonderful thing about it is, once you do, you’ll never look back with regrets.  If you feel you are ready to do something but can’t gather the courage to do so, listen in for Munira’s fun tips! 

“America has a lot of opportunities… You have to analyze them and figure out which one is for you.” - Munira Zahabi

Episode Highlights

04:24 Venture Outside The Box

11:18 Start Thinking About Others

15:17 Don’t Settle For Less

22:10 Grab That Opportunity!

26:04 Be Grateful For What You Have

31:05 Improve Your Circumstances

About Munira Zahabi

Munira Zahabi, The Niche Navigator, is an Author, International Speaker, Event Manager and Podcaster from Chicago, IL. Through her business, she has influenced many people to navigate to their niche. She firmly believes that all people have a niche but are afraid to explore the deep dark waters within themselves and take a voyage through the raging waters within to find it.  Munira’s mission is to integrate the concept of nicheology, businessology and confidienceology.


06:17 “If you want to do something, do it outside the box.” – Munira Zahabi

07:00 “Instead of living in the box, why don’t we just venture out?” – Munira Zahabi

12:38 “When you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others, you impact more lives.” – Munira Zahabi

20:16  “Stop settling for less, because you’re worth more than that.” – Daniel Gomez 

22:45 “America has a lot of opportunities… You have to analyze them and figure out which one is for you.” – Munira Zahabi

28:30 “Most people don’t see what they have. They start focusing on what they don’t have.”  – Munira Zahabi

30:35 “Pain is part of the process. You go through pain, but you have to keep consistent because you want to be stable. Otherwise, we’ll go into a form of depression and anxiety.”  – Munira Zahabi

32:41 “Every time you feel that you are not ready to do something, just put on a cold shower.”  – Munira Zahabi

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