How to Get Out of “I’m Stuck” Mode with Brian Wright
February 16, 2021

 Play Life’s Bigger Game with Dr. Angelica Underwood

Have you ever felt burdened by the thought that you’re not good enough for your dreams? Craft your experiences and rewrite your journey. Today, Daniel and Queen connection, Dr. Angelica Underwood talks about how to manifest your dreams and dare to live life. Doubt and fear of failure are symptoms of a deadly disease. They kill a person’s dreams and his chance to live and enjoy life. Daniel and Angelica drop some wisdom on how to overcome the feeling of uncertainty and the fear of asking and receiving help- skills needed for success. They also share helpful advice on turning your ideas into reality and how to keep going on when you feel like giving up. Tune in and find out how to change your present. Stop putting your dreams on hold. Play life’s bigger game! 

"You matter and you are so loved. Sometimes you don't have to hear it, you just have to feel it in your gut because no one else will love you the way that you know you will love you and take care of you." - Dr. Angelica Underwood

Episode Highlights

02:38 Connecting With People

09:18 Asking & Receiving Help

17:13 Life Is An Experience

24:15 Emotional GPS

31:03 Live Bigger!

36:27 The Inner You

About Dr. Angelica Underwood

Convinced that people have the power to reach their own potential, Dr. Angélica has worked for the last 26 years in the development of an effective theory and practices to satisfy the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of students of the school system in Texas. Healed from two types of cancer, she works with women to give them hope and help them dream big. She inspires women to do everything in their power to survive. Dr. Angélica helps entrepreneurs gain more visibility, exposure, and influence for greater impact. She is also the host of the Power Talk show, Ask the Expert Livestream, designed to help others trade the chaos of life for the best life possible. Dr. Angelica is the co-author of the book You Can Have It. Her article “Scars of Life, Finding the Magical Spiritual Glue to Heal”  was published in Thriving Women Magazine.

anglica underwood

10:07 “It’s about building relationships.. You need to surround yourself with amazing people, and then trust that they’re going to help you and support you in anything you might need.” – Dr. Angelica Underwood

15:31 “When we’re vulnerable, people see our hearts and they see who we really are.” – Dr. Angelica Underwood

18:47 “The majority of the promises that we break are with ourselves.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

21:39  “Life is an experience. So do it!”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

7:00 “Stop comparing yourself and dive deep in the core of who you are.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

32:40 “We have to live bigger, and not be so satisfied with the little things. Life is about a bigger game.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

35:31  “People need to know that things happen and it’s not about perfection. It’s about life experience.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

36:53 “No one else will love you the way the inner YOU will love you and take care of you.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

37:19  “Stop and listen to answers that are coming within. There’s a bigger answer within you, so go in and find them.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood

39:26 “Go after your true love. If it’s your dream, your husband, your wife, or your job- anything you want- truly love it, and then go for it.”  – Dr. Angelica Underwood


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