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How to Get Out of “I’m Stuck” Mode with Brian Wright


“I don’t know what I want.” “What is my purpose?” “I’m stuck!”

If you have said any of the statements above, you are not alone. Everybody gets into a period of not knowing which direction to go. Thankfully, we can learn from others’ who successfully navigated through these dark times. In this episode, Daniel interviews Brian K. Wright, a writing coach, a radio show host, and a magazine publisher. Brian shares the universal skills that can help you transition and adapt to changing circumstances and overcome imposter syndrome. He also talks about the importance of showing genuine care and practical steps you can do to keep accelerating towards your goal even if you’ve hit rock bottom. Being able to fulfill our purpose is fundamental to our happiness. Don’t give up! You are bound for something great. Click on the play button and join the conversation.   

“Knowing what you want is really important… When you are stuck in that ‘I don't know what I want’ phase, you're not going to go anywhere, because you're not aiming anywhere.” - Brian Wright

Episode Highlights

02:52 Teacher To Successful Entrepreneur

11:00 Imposter Syndrome

16:08 Know What You Want

20:17 Challenges & Never Giving Up

25:49 Success Profiles Magazine

About Brian Wright

Brian K. Wright is a writing coach, radio show host, and magazine publisher who helps people share their message with the world and monetize their expertise. With extensive experience as a college instructor, Brian has created and implemented strategies to help people craft their stories. His bestselling book series, “Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers” has featured celebrities such as Kevin Harrington, Chris Powell, Jack Canfield, Marshall Sylver, Sharon Lechter, Tom Ziglar, and many more. He has been featured on the nationally syndicated TV show, The List, as well as Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, The Good Man Project, and numerous podcasts within the space.

Brian W

05:48 “To motivate, inspire, educate people to be the best versions of themselves.” – Brian Wright 

11:23 “When you become good at something you don’t want to do, the world’s just going to keep asking you to do more of it.” – Brian Wright 

16:32 “Knowing what you want is really important… When you are stuck in that ‘I don’t know what I want’ phase, you’re not going to go anywhere, because you’re not aiming anywhere.” – Brian Wright 

21:17 “When you are in a bad space, you learn resilience, you learn resourcefulness. When you are in a corner, you will figure this out if you want to.” – Brian Wright 

24:22 “Sometimes when you go through things, it’s because you need to learn something. But sometimes you’re going through this so that someone else can learn from what you just went through.”  – Brian Wright 

24:56 “Do something every single day in the direction of your goals.” – Brian Wright 

27:58  “Perfection is not the goal, progress is.” – Daniel Gomez 

29:49 “If people knew how much you care, it makes a huge difference because it tells people that you’re not out to get their money but you want them to get good results.” -Brian Wright       

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