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The Power of YOUR Dream with Raul Marin

Dreams are so powerful— they can take us to places that we never would have been able to reach on our own. Yet, it’s not always easy to keep our dreams alive. Sometimes, we get so busy with the day-to-day that we forget to make time for ourselves, let alone a dream.

But it doesn’t matter if your dream started out small and grew bigger; it doesn’t matter if it was an idea that seemed impossible at first. You get to see yourself in a new light: as someone who can make a difference in the world around them… as someone who has accomplished something incredible… as someone who is living their life full of passion and meaning!

This week, Daniel shares an inspiring conversation with Rise With Gratitude author, Raul Marin. Listen in as they share how daily Divine Connection, gratitude, confidence, and love can help propel us to our dream; the importance of not letting the speed of life distract us from achieving our dreams; how we can pour value into ourselves, and much more!

"If there's one person that we compete with, it's ourselves and it's who we were yesterday. Be the champion you know you can be today and the next day." —Raul Marin

Episode Highlights
  • 01:45 Meet The Wolf
  • 05:33 Consistent Daily Connection with God
  • 11:56 A Question on Love
  • 18:02 Confidence Makes a Difference
  • 23:15 Right Things at the Right Time
  • 27:59 Progress Over Perfection
  • 30:42 Life is About Giving Love


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Raul’s Book

Connect with Raul:

Raul Marin is an educator, entrepreneur, poet, and a lifelong learner. Born and raised in Maryland, he is also an avid runner and future podcaster. Raul is an exceptional and accomplished Disc Jockey. “DJ Rumba’s” extraordinary talent is well-recognized. 

Raul’s passion as a dedicated ESL Instructor provides immense joy and fulfillment. His gentle and thorough approach to instruction is all-about exhibiting patience and embracing every student, as a unique individual. Raul’s strong faith and commitment to excellence through all his various projects, are evident throughout. Raul is a gifted writer, entrepreneur and genuine friend to all.


02:47 “So many of us get stuck in an old identity; we get stuck in an old identity of who we were, and we think that that’s who we are for the rest of our lives.” —Daniel Gomez

09:04 “There is nothing that comes our way in life that God did not approve of beforehand to want to teach us something.” —Raul Marin

11:01 “There’s a short line where we start playing the victim instead of wanting things to get better.” —Daniel Gomez

14:55 “Most people’s dreams don’t have any power because they don’t even love themselves.” —Daniel Gomez

19:11 “If something doesn’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean that I have failed. It just means regroupe and reanalyze how I can do this better. ” —Raul Marin

22:55 “You got to change your environment to get the new experiences. You got to change the environment to find a new youn. You’re suffering and your comfort.” —Raul Marin

23:35 “Sometimes, we can get caught up with the speed of life as usual and we don’t see that there’s God in the people that God puts in her lives.” —Raul Marin

26:43 “You can lose the fight but not the battle. Behind the blood, the sweat, and tears, there is a champion in you.” —Raul Marin (Rise with Gratitude excerpt)

28:49 “Perfection is this illusion that a lot of humanity thinks about and aspires to but we never get there as it doesn’t exist. The only perfection is divine.” —Raul Marin

29:38 “If there’s one person that we compete with, it’s ourselves and it’s who we were yesterday. Be the champion you know you can be today and the next day.” —Raul Marin

30:46 “If God gave you a heart, then your purpose in this life is to love… The best way that we can live that good, fulfilling life is by giving love; not just to yourself and God but also to humanity.” —Raul Marin