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Transform Your Life— Unlock Your Inner Grit and Grace with Amberly Lago

When life seems like it’s tearing us apart at the seams, the pain can be so overwhelming that we go numb. We feel like we’ve lost the game— that no one understands us and nothing we do will ever change our circumstances. 

But that’s not true! Those are simply stories we tell ourselves— stories that are far from what’s real. We are capable of so much more than we think, and it’s not all about luck or fate—it’s about how we control how our life unfolds with true grit and grace. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Amberly Lago. Amberly has had her share of painful moments in life— abuse, loneliness, addiction, hopelessness, her husband’s unexpected surgeries, and the recent death of his father. But despite all that, Amberly continues to show up with courage and grace. 

Listen in as Daniel and Amberly talk about the false beliefs we were led to believe about adversities and asking for help. They also share practical steps we can take to get out of the dark place, how we can boost our mood when we feel like doing nothing, how we can build trust and connection with our community, the benefits of having a strong second, and much more!

“Sometimes, you might reach out to somebody and they might not be able to help you at that moment… So it's really important to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the help.” —Amberly Lago

Episode Highlights
  • 02:19 Free Book, Everybody! 
  • 06:25 The Opposite of Addiction
  • 10:05 How to Get Out of Depressive Moments
  • 16:36 Positive Overshadows the Negative 
  • 20:42 False Beliefs About Asking for Help 
  • 26:09 Build Trust in Your Community
  • 34:29 True Grit and Grace  
  • 40:36 P-A-C-E-R


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Amberly’s Book

Connect with Amberly:

Amberly Lago is a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She shares her passion for turning tragedies into triumphs at exclusive workshops, public events, corporate summits, and schools. She offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any of life’s challenges. She offers hope and solutions for anyone living with chronic pain and has been featured on NBC’s Today Show and featured in magazines such as Shape, Fit Pregnancy, Health, and Disability Magazine. The is a Texan living in California with her husband and two daughters and is out to change the world.


07:38 “Connection is the opposite of addiction.” —Amberly Lago

09:50 “What you see on the front is not what you see in the back.” —Daniel Gomez 

12:43 “Sometimes, you might reach out to somebody and they might not be able to help you at that moment… So it’s really important to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the help.” —Amberly Lago

13:18 “Movement moves your mood.” —Amberly Lago

13:43 “I’ve learned to talk to myself instead of listen to myself.” —Amberly Lago

18:22 “Energy is everything and everything is energy.” —Amberly Lago

22:59 “Your vulnerability is actually your superpower. It is what connects you to others.” —Amberly Lago

23:25 “We’re only as sick as our secrets.” —Amberly Lago

27:33 “You always need a strong second because that person is going to run things when you’re not there.” —Daniel Gomez

35:55 “When you allow the grace of God to come into your business; to come into your life. you no longer chase the opportunities— the opportunities chase you.” —Daniel Gomez