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How to Start Your Own Legacy with Billy Dha Kidd

The legacy we leave behind is our most valuable asset. It’s what will speak to the world when people look back on our life, and it will be the last thing that anyone remembers about us. The more we focus on building a legacy for ourselves, the more time and energy we can spend on things that matter to us.

But, the only way to make sure that our legacy is built for success is by making sure that we’re working towards it every day. We might think that it’s hard to start when everything seems so difficult right now, but we must keep in mind that this is just a challenge—not an impossibility!

In this episode, Daniel sits with BIlly Dha Kidd, a well-known rapper, successful entrepreneur, published author, and inspiring coach and podcast host. Growing up in El Salvador, Billy experienced a hard life not having even the basic necessities such as running water nor electricity. At 10, Billy moved into the States with his family to fulfill the American Dream. 

Listen in as Billy shares his story and how allowing ourselves to get uncomfortable can help us build our legacy. Daniel and Billy also talk about how we can turn adversities into growth opportunities, how to make others see the value that we bring, the importance of taking accountability, what money does and does not do, why we should protect our heart as our wealth starts to grow, what positive hustling means, and how our focus affects our reality. 

“Money is not the most important thing in life, but it does affect everything that is important.” —Billy Dha Kidd

Episode Highlights
  • 01:56 Chasing The American Dream
  • 07:32 The Buffalo Mindset
  • 10:34 What Hustling Means
  • 16:58 Protect Your Heart
  • 22:06 Take Accountability
  • 28:43 You Start Your Own Legacy
  • 35:07 Are You Speaking From Pain 
  • 38:57 Be Careful Where You Focus


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Connect with Billy:

Billy Dha Kidd is better known for his rapping than his real estate skills, but both careers are worth celebrating. Billy’s early life was anything but comfortable.  Growing up in El Salvador, he was used to no running water and no electricity. He likes to say that he didn’t start at zero but started at negative one-hundred. Billy’s family immigrated to the United States when he was 10 years old, moving first to California and then later to Nebraska.

As a teenager, Billy began rapping as a way for him to express himself but found he loved the craft. Rapping allowed Billy to fill his time with something positive, instead of taking the wrong path many of his peers were on. Music taught him sales skills, business skills, how taxes work, and most importantly, how to make money.  Billy’s story is definitely a movie about the “American Dream.”  From owning real estate, companies, a podcast host, becoming a published author and working with artists like Kevin Gates, Baby Bash, SPM, MC Magic, Chalie Boy, Grammy winners AKWID, DJ Kane of the Kumbia Kings and more, Billy has made a mark and his mark will only get bigger.


05:49 “New environments give you new growth; new environments give you new experiences.” —Daniel Gomez

09:00 “The biggest problem that people have is not wanting any problems. And unfortunately, they forget that problems are what makes us grow.” —Billy Dha Kidd

11:08 “If you don’t hustle, you’re not going to get anywhere.” —Billy Dha Kidd

15:19 “Everybody says money makes you more of who you are. How the hell do you know what money does if you’ve never had money?” —Daniel Gomez

17:56 “Money is not the most important thing in life, but it does affect everything that is important.” —Billy Dha Kidd

24:34 “There’s more to life than what you’re programmed.” —Billy Dha Kidd

29:13 “There’s only one us, so you start your own legacy.” —Billy Dha Kidd

31:53 “Don’t program your kids and tell them it’s not possible.” —Billy Dha Kidd

33:29 “When people pay, they pay attention.” —Daniel Gomez

39:30 “If you’re focusing on the good and building and becoming a better person overall, you become that. So stop worrying about all that noise and just focus.” —Billy Dha Kidd