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How to Make A Difference Where You’re At Phil Swanson

Making a difference in the world starts with making a difference where you are. Entrepreneurship can be an incredibly rewarding journey, but it can also be full of challenges. It takes dedication, grit, and the right mindset and values to make a real impact on your community. By taking that bold first step, you can create something meaningful no matter where you are right now in your journey. 

This week, Daniel sits with Go Lead Everything [GLE] founder, Phil Swanson. From working as an engineer, Phil decided to jump into entrepreneurship and make a difference beyond the walls of his job. Today, he is on a mission to inspire more people as he navigates the business world. 

Listen in as Phil shares the GLE core values and how we can foster these values to change our present and achieve the results we want. Daniel and Phil also discuss why we should be careful who we listen to, how we can protect our hearts as we experience successes, why we should learn to celebrate ourselves, how to know what our priorities really are, and where we can gain the courage to step forth and fulfill our mission.  

“If you have something on your heart, you need to go for it because God didn't just accidentally put it in your heart. It's in your heart for a reason. So step forth boldly." —Phil Swanson

Episode Highlights
  • 02:54 From Engineering to Entrepreneur
  • 07:22 The GLE Values
  • 13:18 Celebrate Yourself
  • 21:02 The Best Time to Start Is Now
  • 28:20 Behind Being Realistic
  • 33:01 The Principle of Sowing and Reaping   
  • 38:34 How to Know What Your Priorities Are 
  • 44:39 Step Forth Boldly


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Connect with Phil:

Chicago-born, Detroit-raised, and Houston grown, Phil Swanson is a former college athlete, a professional engineer, business developer, big thinker, intrapreneur, entrepreneur, podcast host, husband, and father on a mission to empower leaders worldwide, arming them with Truth and Courage to stand for it in whatever their office in life.

Through the Go Lead Everything (GLE) Podcast, private and group mentorship/training, and events, Phil is building an international GLE Network of strong leaders in a world starving for leadership.

GLE Core Values:

FAITH moves mountains

LOVE conquers all

TRUTH sets you free

COURAGE is contagious


06:12 “If you don’t have truth, you really can’t make informed, good decisions. And if you can’t get access to good information, you can’t operate and you don’t have a foundation to stand on.” —Phil Swanson

08:45 “Faith is belief in action.” —Phil Swanson

11:56 “Consistency and discipline are key to fostering a healthy faith.” —Phil Swanson

16:40 “Make an impact where you are.” —Phil Swanson

18:27 “Just because we ask God in time for something, doesn’t mean it’s not already ours. It just means we haven’t seen it with our senses yet.” —Phil Swanson

21:18 “Do some research, do some due diligence, but be willing to just start something.” —Phil Swanson

21:52 “There is no substitute for consistent work compounded over time.” —Phil Swanson

26:42 “It’s always easier to complain than change the atmosphere.” —Daniel Gomez

28:35 “Most people that are realistic are pretty negative— it is really what they are and you don’t realize it.” —Phil Swanson

30:24 “You can give people what they want, which is a business mindset. And then there’s actually helping people get what they truly need.” —Phil Swanson

35:53 “None of these is ours anyway. We’re just stewards of the gifts we’ve been given.” —Phil Swanson

38:27 “You have to always have to protect your heart. And most people were not aware of when our hearts are not being protected.” —Daniel Gomez

40:19 “Anything else you say is just an excuse. People just need to stop making excuses already and stop buying into all the alibis and listening to the negative people in your life.” —Daniel Gomez

44:22 “You got to understand that your dream is for you and not for anybody else.”   —Daniel Gomez

45:45 “If you have something on your heart, you need to go for it because God didn’t just accidentally put it in your heart. It’s in your heart for a reason. So step forth boldly.” —Phil Swanson