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Beating the Obstacles— Go High and Get Strong with Sean Swarner

Life is full of adversities and it can be difficult to stay strong in the face of them. We often think that things are going well, only to find out that they are getting worse. But even in the darkest of times, it is possible to find the strength to keep going. And with the right mindset, we can rise above any challenge. 

This week, we are in for another inspiring conversation with One of the Top 8 Most Inspirational People of All Time, Sean Swarner. Listen in as Daniel and Sean share how we can learn to accept reality with grace, see beyond the superficial, tune out negative noise, deal with stress, and build a resilient mindset. They also discuss how vivid visualization can help us achieve our goals, how laughing can make us feel better, and how starting small can get to us our destination faster. 

“Not everyone's going to climb Everest, but everyone has an Everest to climb. Just hold on to what you value most to get yourself not just motivated and inspired, but empowered to move forward one step at a time.” —Sean Swarner

Episode Highlights
  • 02:11 Climbing the Highest Mountains in the Brink of Death
  • 06:47 Facing the Truth 
  • 14:15 See Beyond the Superficial 
  • 21:30 When Things Turn for the Worse
  • 29:55 Start Small 
  • 32:26 Vivid Visualization 
  • 37:16 Each Step Makes You Stronger


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Connect with Sean:

Sean is a multiple world record holder, Emmy-nominated Amazon Film subject, and has been featured on ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN, as well as countless other domestic and international shows. He is the only person in history to climb Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on every continent, ski to both Poles, and complete the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon – all after surviving 2 terminal cancers, a 14-day prognosis, year-long coma, and with only one lung.

Sean will take you through a dynamic, custom-tailored, immersive audiovisual presentation, where he will guide you to the top of the 29,035-foot giant that is Mount Everest. With detailed insights into surviving hurricane-force winds and crossing crevasses thousands of feet deep on rickety aluminum ladders, you will venture alongside Sean into the grueling journey of his youth and witness his fight for survival as he overcomes two bouts of terminal cancer.

You will also trek with Sean as he takes you to the highest peaks in Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Sean takes you on a journey that is not only inspiring but offers a message of hope and resilience that taps into that motivational adrenaline rush running through all of us. Sean reveals a life of limitless possibilities as he details the seemingly impossible boundaries he has conquered, battles he has fought, and peaks he has climbed; all motivated by an astonishing inner strength and super-human-like physical endurance.  

Journey into Sean’s world and venture into your own life, believing not only in the durability and strength of the human condition, but the belief in yourself, your own strength, and your own ability to achieve anything. You won’t just be inspired, you will be empowered. 


09:53 “I could say that I had cancer; cancer didn’t have me because I couldn’t choose the situation I was in, I decided to choose how I looked at that situation.” —Sean Swarner

12:10 “If you can focus on what you want, not the avoidance of what you don’t, you’re going to see things from a completely different perspective. And you have that choice every morning you open your eyes.” —Sean Swarner

17:06 “Step one is you have to understand what you value most.” —Sean Swarner

27:42 “Human beings are human beings, not human doings. Be emotional.” —Sean Swarner

27:52 “We try so hard to be perfect. And the truth is, if you really look behind the scenes, everybody doesn’t have their stuff together. There comes a season in life when you’re going to need God.” —Daniel Gomez

30:29 “The biggest key is knowing and believing that what you’re attempting is possible.”  —Sean Swarner

31:35 “It’s never about the new car. It’s never about the race. It’s never about the new house. It’s what it represents and what it means to you.” —Sean Swarner

38:02 “The higher I go, the stronger I get.” —Sean Swarner

40:41 “Not everyone’s going to climb Everest, but everyone has an Everest to climb. Just hold on to what you value most to get yourself not just motivated and inspired, but empowered to move forward one step at a time.” —Sean Swarner

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