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Ignite Moments— Spark Your Way to Exceptional Success  with Lady JB Owen

We all have them— ignite moments. Times when everything changes and we are never the same again. They shape us, mold us, and leave their mark on us forever. 

For some, these moments come early in life. A chance encounter. A life-changing event. A new opportunity that opens up a world of possibility. Others have their moments later on. A career-defining project. A major success. A life-altering experience. 

Whatever the case may be, these moments have the power to ignite our passions, transform our lives, and lead us to exceptional success. The key is knowing what to do during those moments. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Lady JB Owen, a world-class speaker, international bestselling author, mentor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, among her myriad of achievements. 

Listen in as Daniel and Lady Owen discuss why we should take responsibility for ourselves and our own results, why we should stop tolerating the comfort of unhappiness, the power of a triple win, the secret to business longevity, how to overcome ego, and much more!

“Anytime is your time; make it your time." —Lady JB Owen

Episode Highlights
  • 02:12 Go After the Dream
  • 07:37 Be Your Own Hero
  • 13:28 The Triple Win
  • 17:02 Igniting Humanity 
  • 20:19 Be Invested in Your Customers
  • 26:39 Anytime Is Your Time
  • 30:49 How to Overcome Ego 
  • 34:45 Know Thyself
  • 37:01 Ignite Moments


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Connect with Lady JB:

JB Owen is a fearless female leader and highly successful entrepreneur. Having built businesses that span the globe, JB’s true focus is on helping others. She is driven to empower individuals in their own personal journeys to success. JB was knighted for her humanitarian and entrepreneurial efforts by the Royal Order of St. Constantine The Great and St. Helen, Lady JB Owen. She is the winner of the Ignite Humanitarian Award presented to her at the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards.  

Her no-nonsense style has catapulted her into the areas of building worldwide brands, manufacturing award-winning products, publishing international bestsellers, and creating multiple platforms in the areas of health, wellness, personal growth, and eco-conscious improvements.   

In conjunction with her keen sense of business, JB also brings fun, fabulous, and feminine touches into everything she does. She combines ferocity with femininity in a new and innovative business style. Through her acclaimed brand, Ignite, JB helps people tell their unique stories and shows them how they can ‘ignite’ their lives. Her international best-selling compilation books have reached best-seller status in over 12 countries and feature esteemed authors spanning the globe. Ignite is the leader in empowerment publishing and JB is committed to igniting billion lives. 


03:30 “Sometimes, parents or people do hold us back a little bit. And we have to be willing to decide that it’s up to us to go after and do what it is we want to do and be the person we want to be.” —Lady JB Owen

06:09 “We all have ‘ignite moments’ and it’s what we do with our ignite moments that help us be a better version of ourselves and for others.” —Lady JB Owen

10:31 “You can’t help people that don’t want help. You can’t change those who don’t want to change.” —Daniel Gomez

10:46 “Are you tolerating the comfort of unhappiness because you’re comfortable in being unhappy?” —Daniel Gomez

12:22 “There’s this real reciprocal experience when people witness you making yourself valuable… Action is everything.” —Lady JB Owen

15:24 “When everyone is winning, you are creating this wonderful, beautiful, energetic flow of finances, abundance, and prosperity. You want as an entrepreneur to provide the triple win as often as possible with every facet of your business” —Lady JB Owen

16:23 “Problems bring out the genius in you.” —Daniel Gomez 

17:35 “If people aren’t feeling like they’re winning around you, they’re not going to want to do business with you. People need to feel served. Part of the business is the act of service.” —Lady JB Owen

19:19 “To have a better quality customer, you have to be a better quality human being.” —Daniel Gomez

22:02 “You can be really successful, but you can be exceptionally successful if you’re willing to do the things that other people aren’t.” —Lady JB Owen

25:19 “You’re the only chapter someone may ever read. Let it be a chapter that’s going to impact someone’s life and change it.” —Daniel Gomez

26:46 “Anytime is your time; make it your time.” —Lady JB Owen

36:03 “Know thyself… The greatest time that you could ever spend on this planet is figuring out who you are and the gifts that God gave you to bring to this world.” —Lady JB Owen

37:27 “People need to hear your story. And we’re going to do it through ignite moments.”

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