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How to Transcend The Characteristics That Shaped Us As Kids with Russ Yeager


We’ve all been there. You’ll hear people talking about you. You’ll even hear them not talking about you, but you still feel it. You realize that beneath all your layers, what you really fear is the childhood label you still carry with you. 

We are all unique and special, but are crushed to find that our uniqueness is used to shame us, like being too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too tan, too white, the way we dress, the way we talk–anything–just about anything can be used against us, which isn’t supposed to be. So how can we peel that label off and move towards transformation?

In this episode, Daniel sits with Physique Transformation Expert and one of today’s top international fitness coaches, Russ Yeager. Daniel and Russ talk about how we carry the labels imposed on us as kids to adulthood and what we can do to shift that narrative to our benefit. They also talk about how to keep positive habits consistent, how to view failures and leverage them, and how being cool and relaxed can affect our outcomes.

And remember… whoever has defined you could not have known your true beauty. You are uniquely you and you should see that for yourself.  

“Passion and persistence make a vision a reality. Don't quit!” -Russ Yeager

Episode Highlights
  • 04:17 The Labels We Carry
  • 08:49 Mental Tricks to Hack Your Mental Image
  • 12:51 We Need Accountability
  • 16:17 Show Yourself Compassion– How? 
  • 20:06 Be Rooted in Gratitude
  • 23:47 Be Ready to Receive in Higher Levels
  • 28:11 Get on the Field
  • 33:16 All Successful People Fail
  • 37:54 Don’t Quit 




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Connect with Russ:

Russ Yeager is known as a Physique Transformation Expert, and is currently one of the top fitness coaches in the world. After winning an international physique transformation contest himself, Russ was inspired to leave his career as a CPA, and dedicate his life to helping others look and feel amazing, reach goals they never thought possible, and “Exercise Their Right To Be Awesome.” 

Russ owns two private personal training studios in Atlanta, GA, is the author of “Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked!”, and has written for and appeared in numerous Fitness publications.   

Russ has helped thousands of men and women all over the world make dramatic physique and health transformations. Russ guarantees your success and won’t let you fail. Many describe Russ as “the most positive and motivating person I have ever met”, which is refreshing in a world full of too much negativity and cynicism.

With over 25 years of working with thousands of clients and using himself as a “human guinea pig”, Russ has now created the perfect strategies proven to get the best results in the fastest time possible.

Working with Russ can save you hundreds and even thousands of wasted hours and effort, and give you the confidence to know you WILL get results!


06:57 “These things affect us as kids. They stay with us but the most empowering thing is you can decide what you want to do with it.” -Russ Yeager

07:18 “If you don’t have your health, you’re never going to reach your full potential and live a life you love.” -Russ Yeager

08:16 “So many adults come out like a clown fish. They try to puff up because they want to prove something to somebody when they really don’t have to.” -Daniel Gomez

08:38 “There’s so many people that are unhappy right now because they are not happy with themselves.” -Daniel Gomez

08:54 “Exercise doesn’t solve everything but man endorphins or real. You feel better and it solves a lot of problems.” -Russ Yeager

09:50 “You’re not supposed to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. Forgive yourself.”  -Russ Yeager

12:39 “We all need help and we all need that accountability.” -Daniel Gomez  

13:15 “A lot of people fail so many times because they don’t believe it’s possible.”  -Russ Yeager

17:22 “Entrepreneurs get caught up in the goal…. And now we end up sacrificing and never enjoy.” -Russ Yeager

17:47 “When you relax, when you cheer yourself on, and when you enjoy it, you actually get better results than you would if you’re grinding out and stressed all the time.” -Russ Yeager

18:33 “If you’re seeking performance, you’re never going to be happy. But if you seek excellence, you realize that what you’re doing is good at that moment. And that next level of excellence is going to come and take you to a higher level. Don’t hustle yourself to get noticed.” -Daniel Gomez

26:46 “If you’re ice cold in your skills, that’s going to decrease your competence. So you got to train every day, train your new skills, train on your body, train on your mindset constantly.” -Russ Yeager

27:35 “We avoid the opportunity because we’re scared… Because if you never give yourself the opportunity, you’re never going to grow to what you become.” -Daniel Gomez  

30:00 “You’re going to fail. Sometimes you’re going to win, but most people don’t even get on the field.” -Russ Yeager

30:59 ”Just imagine the people out there that are intended to be your audience that you are never going to reach. They’re never going to hear your voice because you never had the courage just to go out there and try. Sometimes you just got to try!” -Daniel Gomez

32:21 “It’s an opportunity for those who are willing to not quit and keep moving forward. Because unfortunately, most people are and so that narrows the competition. So never quit!” -Russ Yeager  

33:19 “If you go out on the field, you take that chance and you fail, you’re the exact same as you are if you don’t even try. So you literally have nothing to lose.” -Russ Yeager 

35:52 “Consistency is the number one factor of success.” -Russ Yeager  

36:32 “All the information is out there on Google in terms of getting fit and healthy. It’s not that complicated. So why is everyone not fit and healthy? It’s not the knowing it’s the doing.” -Russ Yeager

38:11 “Passion and persistence make a vision a reality. Don’t quit!” -Russ Yeager