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Success Does Not Have a Key, It’s a Combination!- 7 Steps to Become UNSTOPPABLE with Brad Lea


The definition of an entrepreneur is tough, especially when it tries to define what you need to be or do in order to be successful in life and in your chosen career. But success does not have one single key. It is a combination! A successful individual is one who knows how to put many keys together and make something of it. But for that to happen, we should break the limitations we impose on ourselves. In this episode, Daniel sits with serial entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and speaker Brad Lea to discuss 7 doable steps we can take to be unstoppable. Find out what these steps are and how to do each one effectively!

“If you want to be unstoppable, just realize that it's your mindset, then it's your skill set, then it's your habits. If you get the right mindset developed, and you acquire the right skill sets, and then you form the right habits, you're unstoppable. There’s no failure included in that.” -Brad Lea

Episode Highlights
  • 01:50 A Regular Dude That Figured It Out
  • 06:04 Be Unstoppable Step 1: Change Your Beliefs
  • 12:57 Be Unstoppable Step 2: Be Consistent
  • 15:46: Be Unstoppable Step 3: Build Quality Relationships
  • 20:09 Be Unstoppable Step 4: Know Your Worth
  • 25:55 Be Unstoppable Step 5: Think Easy
  • 32:04 Be Unstoppable Step 6: Build Your Self-Confidence (+6 Ways to Do So)
  • 36:29 Be Unstoppable Step 7: Seek New Information Every Day





Connect with Brad:

Brad Lea is an entrepreneur. He owns a portfolio of companies. Brad is extremely experienced at sales, life and business…and all that comes with it. He helps people become better humans. He is a father of seven, a husband, an author, a podcaster, a speaker, a CEO, a philanthropist, an investor, and many would consider, a really good dude.

Brad has lived life making every mistake in the book but have learned a ton of shit along the way. He provides clarity in a world of chaos and I crave common sense. He tells the truth. He has met a lot of people and have been blessed with an incredible network. In 1999, Brad founded a tech company called LightSpeed VT which has revolutionized online learning and has made a massive impact in the lives of many, including his. It has him to becoming an influential thought leader on social media and the host of the highly-rated podcast Dropping Bombs. Brad’s mission is to get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it. 


03:41 “It’s going to take you way longer than you think, it’s going to cost you way more than you think, and you have to persist way longer than you think.” -Brad Lea

05:20 “If you want to be unstoppable, just realize that it’s your mindset, then it’s your skill set, then it’s your habits. If you get the right mindset developed, and you acquire the right skill sets, and then you form the right habits, you’re unstoppable. There’s no failure included in that.” -Brad Lea

06:06 “Your mind is really just a set of beliefs that you’ve learned or agreed with throughout your life. So you have to go back and audit what you believe, and then… change your actions, and your actions changing is what changes your results.” -Brad Lea

07:41 “There’s no limitations. You create them. The mindset knows that.” -Brad Lea

08:13 “Your self-image is massively important because you will never outperform it. Whatever you think your worth, is what you’re worth.” -Brad Lea

13:52 “The pinnacle is owning [your business], not running it.  When you go to work every day for your business, you’ve created yourself a job, not a business. It becomes a business when you own it, but you do not have to work there.” -Brad Lea 

15:04 “Everyone should have 10 different streams of income. They’re not always related. Why? Because it’s smart.” -Brad Lea 

15:33 “The reason why people are bad at sales is because they don’t know they’re doing it. Or they fear other people’s opinion of what they assume the perception of salesperson is.” -Brad Lea

18:22 “Relationships are the new currency. The most important one is the one you have with yourself.” -Brad Lea

22:48 “So many times, we as human beings, our pride gets in the way and we don’t ask for help. But we all need help.” -Daniel Gomez

23:16 “If you don’t have the right self-image, you don’t value yourself.” -Daniel Gomez

24:35 “The more hands you shake, the more money you make.” -Brad Lea

25:25 “When you walk into your room, you need to be the person saying hi to everybody.” -Daniel Gomez

25:34 “You don’t break beliefs. You change beliefs.” -Brad Lea

27:20 “If you think life is easy, life gets a lot easier. But if you think and you believe life is hard, it is! So quit saying life is hard.” -Brad Lea

30:00 “There is no key to success, okay, it’s more of a combination, and everybody has their own combination.” -Brad Lea

32:06 “If you lost your confidence, you didn’t lose it, you gave it to somebody else… because you cared about their opinion more than your own.” -Brad Lea

32:06 “Forgive yourself and wipe the slate clean. You’ve let yourself down a million times, it’s okay. Wipe the slate clean. You’re a good guy.” -Brad Lea

32:41 “It’s very important to do what you say you’re going to do, especially to yourself.” -Brad Lea 

33:01 “Become a winner by racking up the wins and replacing the memories. You can’t erase them, but you can replace them. So you replace them with frequent wins.”  -Brad Lea

34:02 “Do not allow anything to be planted that is not positive…. If you are truly around someone that cares about you, they’re not going to tell you that your dreams are too big. They’re going to try and figure out how to help you find them.” -Brad Lea 

35:11 “Map out and visualize exactly what success is…. If you just run that filter by all your decisions all day long, you’re probably going to end up where you’re headed because it would almost be impossible not to.” -Brad Lea 

36:52 “Seek new information every day so you become a more valuable, knowledgeable, skilled-developed individual.” -Brad Lea

37:31  “You do what you say you’re going to do. That’s what makes you confident. Confidence is just the memory of winning. So start winning.” -Brad Lea