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The Art of Getting Back on Track— Fast! with Jafar Jafari aka “Master Jeff”


Did you know that there is an art to getting back on track? Sounds funny but it is true! 

Sometimes we feel like life is just one huge roller coaster and there’s no off-ramp.  We start to find ourselves on a different path than the one  we were originally following by choice. These times can feel like they just last forever and seem insurmountable. It’s easy to feel discouraged, doubtful, and consumed by these feelings. But the truth is, nobody stays on top forever. That’s unrealistic. Life moves up and down and in all directions, so it’s impossible to stay in one place. However, there are those who get back on the horse fast. But while life may be a roller coaster at times, you’re fully in control of whether you choose to get off at any given stop.

In this episode, Daniel is joined by Jafar Jafari aka “Master Jeff”, an educator and entrepreneur. Daniel and Master Jeff discuss how we can get in “the zone” of our full potential and move to a higher level while overcoming fear, failure, and adversities along the way. They also share the most important things we need to succeed in our journey and how to use them so we can advance ourselves, namely: imagination, mindset, and action.  

There’s almost nothing more important than momentum. And it doesn’t just mean getting some initial traction, but keeping it going. Tune in and learn the art of getting back on track fast!

“Stop hoping, stop wishing. Start doing action! — That's the main key.” -Master Jeff

Episode Highlights
  • 02:38 The Zone
  • 09:00 Use Jealousy Positively
  • 15:14 We Attract What We Believe
  • 22:08 The Most Powerful Gift- Imagination
  • 28:01 What Makes Us Different
  • 32:01 The Three Types of People 
  • 34:57 Stop Wishing, Start Acting 
  • 40:21 High and Downs
  • 43:37 Wake Up! 





Connect with Master Jeff:

Jafar Jafari is a coach, mentor, truth-seeker, and entrepreneur. He runs two highly successful companies: PSC Academy, Inc.  Jafar, known by his nickname Master Jeff, has had over twenty years of experience in training people to tap into what he calls “The Zone.” This core belief lies on the premise that everyone has access to a version of themselves that is void of fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. This revolutionary program has helped over 100,000 students become their absolute and optimal best and fulfill their goals and dreams.

 His entrepreneurial genius and work ethic have been vital to his success. As a result, many people have benefitted from Jafar’s work and programs. His master program is a forty-eight-hour training intensive that has transformed negative mindsets and positively affected the trajectories and destinies of thousands upon thousands of his students.

Apart from his training programs, the life coach and mentor also holds a masterclass for aspiring coaches. Jafar “Master Jeff” Jafari has trained over 5,000 coaches in his lifetime and helped them level up their life coaching businesses many times over. He currently ranks under the Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow list by Yahoo and New York Wire, one of the top ten entrepreneurs of Yahoo Finance in 2021. He has advised Forbes’ Top 6 Advice from Entrepreneurs column. Jafar has coached, and trained people from all walks of life and helped people professionally, personally, and even spiritually.


06:10 “The most problems which you have to solve on a daily basis are the people who are very close to you because they cannot control themselves and they don’t want to pay the price to be at your level.” -Master Jeff

07:32 “They’re watching you, they follow you but it doesn’t necessarily mean they like you or they love you. They’re just watching you to see what’s going on.” -Master Jeff  

08:35 “Jealousy is in all of us but some of us know how to tame it.” -Daniel Gomez 

09:58 “If you want to damage somebody’s reputation, it doesn’t change anything in your life.” -Master Jeff  

15:06 “It’s okay to have a positive dissatisfaction because the more we are blessed, the more we can bless other people around us.” -Daniel Gomez 

16:37 “If we want to damage somebody, we have to damage 10 times ourselves. It works in the same way. If we want to do good things for people, we have to do 10 times good within. We attract what we believe and what we’re thinking about.” -Master Jeff 

17:21 “People are not getting motivated with words. But once they see what you do in order to become successful, that’s going to stay with them.” -Master Jeff

18:40 “Imagination is the most powerful gift from God to the people. Once you stop your imagination, the future won’t be changed.” -Master Jeff

19:15 “The future belongs to the people who have enough passion to show the world ‘I created what I said.’” -Master Jeff

21:26 “If someone’s not celebrating you, maybe it’s time to get a new friend.” -Daniel Gomez

22:42 “The imagination and dreaming about what you like is free!… The main problem for people is they are scared to think what they want and what makes them happy even in their mind, which is free.” -Master Jeff

28:21 “What makes us to be on a different level is the mindset and how fast we understand what we have to do for our life, because we live here once.” -Master Jeff     

29:24 “Once your mindset is created, you’re going to see the results and outcome.”  -Master Jeff

34:29 “You must get familiar with the unfamiliar. That’s the only way you’re going to grow. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s not easy. But that’s what you have to do— the things that are hard— to get you to where you want to go.” -Daniel Gomez 

35:37 “Stop hoping, stop wishing. Start doing action! — That’s the main key.” -Master Jeff 

38:50 “You don’t have to be ready to start. Sometimes you just need to start and then the answers come.” -Daniel Gomez

42:03 “We are human. It’s impossible to always stay at that high level. It has to go up and down.” -Master Jeff

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