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Special Episode: Do You Have What It Takes to be a Keynote Speaker? with Tony Pollard


Do you have what it takes to be a keynote speaker? Many people think that if they’re charismatic, can tell good stories, and are just generally an engaging speaker, then they could be amazing keynote speakers. While this may be true, there’s still more to it than that – so much more!

In this special episode, Daniel sits with speaker, author, and inspirational strategist, Tony Pollard to discuss what it means and what it takes to be a professional, paid,  keynote speaker. They also talk about the value of being intentional, having an approach that matches your purpose, shedding the label others has given you because of your failures and mistakes, working to improve yourself at all levels, and Tony’s formula for success: CRD- courage, resilience, and discipline.  

So back to the question: Do you have to what it takes to be a keynote speaker? Tune in until the end and hear how you can join the Sticker Shock Speaking Academy and be one of the many who just discovered they are worth MILLIONS!

“The secret to happiness is freedom. And the secret to freedom is courage. If you dream it, the only way you can achieve it is to be willing to step out in courage and do it.” -Tony Pollard

Episode Highlights
  • 04:24 Go In With Intention
  • 09:15 Why You HAVE to Share Your Story
  • 14:33 You Are NOT Your Failures
  • 20:15 CRD- Courage, Resilience, and Discipline
  • 24:43 When Your Nervousness Creeps Up
  • 27:52 Get Your Tools and Work It!
  • 31:36 How to Make the Things You Want Happen 
  • 36:42 Join the Sticker Shock Academy
  • 40:22 Speaking Heals You and Others




Connect with Tony:

As a nationally recognized leader, speaker, and trainer, Tony helps businesses who want to have stronger, more committed teams through his business Tony Pollard Speaks. He understands how to unlock a teams’ potential to achieve a more collaborative environment often resulting in an increased bottom line. 

With over twenty years in the military and educational leadership. Tony uses his experience and expertise to help develop people to perform at the highest level. Tony loves connecting with his audiences and making each presentation and workshop personal. Bringing out the inspired leader that is within us all. He is authentic, vulnerable, honest, and motivating. 

Tony is the international best-selling author of “Driven by the Heart.” A book written to inspire and give leaders, teams, individuals, the confidence, and high-performance habits needed to provide service from the heart.


01:23 “We always undervalue what we can do. We always undervalue what we can accomplish. But it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s what you do with what you have.” -Daniel Gomez

06:23 “There’s one thing to have a purpose. But there’s one thing to have an approach to where you want to go.” -Tony Pollard

13:31 “You’re the only message that someone is going to hear. You’re the only book that someone is going to read. And being a professional speaker allows you to do that.” -Daniel Gomez 

15:09 “You’re not the failures that you had. You’re not the mistakes that you had.” -Daniel Gomez

22:42 “Take your failures, take your setbacks, have someone stink you up real bad. And then you look him in the eye, and you walk away with a smirky smile on your face and you prove him wrong.” -Tony Pollard

23:15 “The biggest thing is having the courage to take that step and move. You can do it! -Tony Pollard

25:32 “When you become a speaker, your heart gets filled if you deliver the right message and you can see the smiles on their faces…. You can do that when you’re willing to share your story and step out on courage.” -Tony Pollard 

29:06 “You got to work it, you got to work it, you got to work it! Enjoy what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.” -Tony Pollard

31:05 “If there’s not a point that you lose a little bit of confidence and that little fear, you’re not growing.” -Daniel Gomez

33:33 “As a professional speaker, you make more in one hour than most people make in a month. And it’s not about the money, but the value that you put out there.” -Daniel Gomez

34:35 “When you’re speaking from the heart, it’s amazing how you’re able to give back so much more.” -Tony Pollard

41:27 “Be willing to step out of fear and live with courage, that’s all you have to do.” -Tony Pollard