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How These Underrated Techniques Will Help You Succeed in ANYTHING with Jay Maymi


There are so many things that go into being an entrepreneur. But one of the most important things is actually being successful, and we mean, thrivingly successful. Certainly, nobody wants to be an entrepreneur in title only. But what can we do to attain that level of success, especially when things are not going our way? First, we need a game plan.

Learn how to craft a clever strategy for every battle you face as Daniel sits with speaker, author, Empowerment Specialist, and thriving entrepreneur, Jay Maymi. Daniel and Jay share what being an action-taker really stands for and how to grow into one. They also discuss how to examine if you are really ready to walk the entrepreneur’s path, play the game of patience, pursue the next version of you, beat your invisible enemies, outsmart the traps that cause many to get stuck and become a sales master. 

Change is a very weighty matter. If you are truly serious about changing for the best, this episode can help you do just that! Tune in until the end and discover two underrated strategies to be successful in ANYTHING, and one often forgotten resource that we all have but are not fully tapping into.

“Patience is the big play. If you do enough good things, good things come back. But you have to be patient because there are many other factors at play that you don't have access to or know just yet.” -Jay Maymi

Episode Highlights
  • 02:24 The ActionTainer
  • 06:32 Not an Entrepreneur in Title Only
  • 11:36 2 Things to be Successful In Anything
  • 16:51 The Spiritual Gift of Goodbye
  • 23:47 Run the Race the Right Way 
  • 27:29 Winning Against Your Invisible Enemies
  • 36:13 The Sales Professional Mentality
  • 40:44 HE’s Got Our Back 



Connect with Jay:

“Taking you from Surviving to Thriving!” “There is an advantage to growing up in a humble setting with meager means. The reality of your circumstances can either pummel you into mediocrity or extract from you a burning desire to excel and rise above. Jay’s story is one of the latter. For the last three decades, his hunger to rise above has yielded an impressive array of accomplishments. From multiple successful businesses to bodybuilding championships, radio, TV, stage, and print work to authoring 9 books; from an entire Sales and Personal Development series to speaking in front of many diverse audiences on different topics; all have uniquely qualified him to offer valuable knowledge, instruction, inspiration, and impact to those seeking to develop a higher and greater expression of themselves.” 


04:46 “If you don’t have a game plan for you to thrive, then you’re going to be succumb to whatever life other people give you to live.” -Jay Maymi

11:41 “If you’re going to be successful in anything, the first thing you have to do is take a step back and identify your deficiency.” -Jay Maymi  

17:09 “When you are serious about change, sometimes you got to examine the relationships with the people.” -Jay Maymi

18:00 “We’re creatures of being comfortable. That’s part of what makes us human.If it’s not broken, we’re not going to fix it. If it needs to be fixed, we’re going to take a long time to fix it. That’s no more truer than in relationships. But sometimes, you’ve got to know how to give people the spiritual gift of goodbye.” -Jay Maymi 

20:59 “If you focus on something that you’re called to do, you’re not going to worry about anything because you’re worried about what you’re doing.” -Jay Maymi

23:14 “You need to isolate yourself, work on those deficiencies and then when you come out, you’re going to be stronger and sharper.” -Daniel Gomez

26:41 “The competition is not anybody else. It’s you!” -Daniel Gomez

27:57 “The more ambitious you are, the more you’re going to have these battles but the less you have other people to talk to the can relate.” -Jay Maymi

30:45 “There’s always another level inside all of us. The thing is, we get comfortable.” -Daniel Gomez

31:58 “Patience is the big play. If you do enough good things, good things come back. But you have to be patient because there are many other factors at play that you don’t have access to or know just yet.”  -Jay Maymi

33:38 “When it’s your time to fly, you’re going to be ready. So don’t be impatient during the preparation stage.” -Daniel Gomez

38:36 “You’re not going to be a master until you understand how to sell beyond the words.” -Jay Maymi

41:39 ”God has got our backs. There’s no reason to ever have concerns that we’re going to fail if we put faith in that.” -Jay Maymi