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Creating Your Reality with a Clever Mindset: Tactical Steps to Overcome Difficulties with Nick Uresin


Too often, we look at difficulties in our lives as setbacks and think we are stuck. Facing headwinds makes us feel that we are fighting an uphill battle. But the most difficult obstacle really is in our own minds. And the only way to get through it is to take action. But, what actions should we take? We start with our mindset because as we will learn from our guest, Nick Uresin, Founder of Argometrix and Host of Amazon Legends Podcast, “Everything we are experiencing is a mindset.” 

However, the inner work is only half the victory, the other half is how we take action. Tune in as Daniel and Nick share tactical steps that can give you positive thoughts, create a much better perspective, come back as a bigger person, and get to the next level. Nick also shares 2 of the most valuable assets that helped him get through when he failed in his venture in a foreign land with nothing to generate income. 

At times, when we experience adversities, we settle with the negative thinking of “being realistic”. True, what we are experiencing is real, and we do not discount that. But we certainly ought to reject the idea that this is our reality now. We create our own reality, and we create it with a passionate heart. Keep holding on, the best days are yet to come! 

“You create your own reality. The reality that is imposed on you is not your reality until you accept it. You have the choice to create your own reality, that's the way you have to live.” -Nick Uresin

Episode Highlights
  • 01:50 Following the Dream 
  • 08:05 2 Types of Difficulty and How to Overcome Each
  • 12:06 How to Get a More Positive Perspective
  • 18:03 Gratitude is Key to the Next Level
  • 26:06 You Create Your Own Reality
  • 30:24 Stop Saying  “For Now…” 
  • 35:09 Everything is a Mindset
  • 38:20 Best Days Are Yet to Come




Connect with Nick:

Nick Uresin is an Entrepreneur, Computer Science Engineer, and Data Architect, who has a passion for problem-solving with technology. He has spent the past 20 years in technology as an e-commerce provider and online retailer following several years of managing conventional wholesale and retail companies. He has expertise in technology and big data solutions. Nick has co-founded Online Fragrance Retailer and built it to $10 million in sales, where he has developed the vision to organize the data and provide it as a service (Seller Concierge Service).

Previously, Nick founded Amazia, a top-ranking e-commerce provider for small to mid-size retailers, and List 2000, one of the Internet’s first multi-lingual directories prepared in seven languages. Nick also developed software applications for the shipping industry earlier in his career as well as holding a directorship position in the London operations of Turkey’s largest conglomerates. His career included positions with London-based fashion manufacturing/import firms. Nick has a degree in Computer Science and Telecommunication from Istanbul Technical University, a leading university in his native Istanbul, Turkey.


05:59 “Life is not going to care what you know. Life is going to treat you in the worst possible way from time to time, and you need to be equipped to handle that emotionally and have some toolkit that you can resort to.” -Nick Uresin

11:20 “When we put out that negative energy out there to the universe complaining, it does more damage than good. Negative energy brings you down.” -Daniel Gomez

11:55 “The only way you’re going to become a bigger person is to overcome that problem.” -Daniel Gomez

12:46 “Negativity breeds negativity, you just need to gather yourself and focus on the issue… Take that time to really suffer as much as you want to suffer, and then come back as a different person and then get on with whatever issues are at hand.” -Nick Uresin

20:00 “The next level of success, the next level of business, the next level of life- gratitude is key in getting there. What you take for granted, you lose it because it has proven what you’re not grateful for.” -Daniel Gomez  

25:49 “If you’ve been to the mountaintop once, you can always get back there again, because you know what it takes to get there.” -Daniel Gomez 

26:47 “You can do anything you want in life, you can get anything you want in life. there is no such thing as being realistic. Everybody creates their own reality.” -Nick Uresin

27:42 “You have to live your life as if you have what you want.” -Nick Uresin  

28:25 “You create your own reality. The reality that is imposed on you is not your reality until you accept it. You have the choice to create your own reality, that’s the way you have to live.” -Nick Uresin

32:31 ”We’re not putting band-aids on problems, we’re building bridges to the future. So you have to play the long game in these things that you are finding solutions for because there is not enough time for you to go back and fix what you put a bandaid on later. So avoid saying ‘for now’ and build it for the long term, so that you never go back.” -Nick Uresin 

36:12 “Everything that you are experiencing is a mindset. You just need to prepare yourself.” -Nick Uresin