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Why You Should Go and Hire Yourself with Zondra Evans


There is a saying that goes, “Done is better than none”.  A lot of people want to start a business but are afraid of failure. And more than that, they don’t know where to begin! This causes a lot of anxiety, which in turn results in the delay of their success. But hey! We are not talking about getting to the finish line; we are simply talking about taking action, today… right now. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Zondra TV’s very own Zondra Evans. Daniel and Zondra talk about the necessary steps in order to get to where you want to go, namely hiring yourself, finding your identity, doing the faith walk, being courageously intentional, and reconciling with yourself. Tune in as they discuss how each step can help you evolve into the person you are meant to be and be able to serve others as you continue to grow. 

“Where expectation lies, disappointment resides. So stop expecting and start respecting the process.” -Zondra Evans

Episode Highlights
  • 01:47 Be Crazy Enough to Hire Yourself
  • 06:54 Shed the Corporate Junk  
  • 15:00 Be Courageously Intentional 
  • 19:32 Fire Yourself as the CEO
  • 25:49 Reconciliation with Yourself  
  • 30:14 Done is Better Than None
  • 36:01 Creating is an Action
  • 39:06 Stop Fighting It





Connect with Zondra:

Zondra Evans is the Founder of Zondra TV Network and the Executive Producer of many shows found on the Dallas based network.  Zondra TV is a Multiple International Award-Winning TV Network with a global reach of 500 Million viewers and users.  Zondra TV Network touts itself as an affordable global marketing and advertising company that leverages TV streaming platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and BCTV to level the playing field for small business entrepreneurs.  Zondra TV prides itself on providing a multimedia digital experience for small businesses which not only includes media development but distribution and Streaming TV to ensure that businesses are “Heard and Seen” beyond their local neighborhood.  Zondra TV Network is the first to develop a TV / Media Incubator where we teach business entrepreneurs how to pivot and become a TV Show Producer.  She has shared the stage with Sharon Lechter, Susie Carder, and Mark Victor Hansen.  Zondra is a multiple Best Selling Author and a Certified Self Investment Strategist who believes in “The Power of Investing in You”.


03:47 “Once you understand who you are, why you’re here, and the true value that you bring, you understand that you’re the asset, you’re the true commodity that they need. And if they need what you have, then the world is waiting for you to serve that to them.” -Zondra Evans 

06:29 “So many times, we get stuck in that identity of who we are. We think that that’s who we are but in reality, that’s just a position or a title that you had.” -Daniel Gomez

08:24 “You have to build a whole nother level of respect, honor, and appreciation. And if you can give it, you’re not going to get it.” -Zondra Evans

09:42 “You’re never going to succeed in life if you’re trying to be somebody that you’re not.” -Daniel Gomez

15:06 “Spend that quiet time and ask what it is that you ought to be doing. When that answer comes back, you have to be courageously intentional to do exactly that.”  -Zondra Evans

16:49 “There is nothing wrong with being in the wilderness if you got the right compass. When God is your compass, He will direct you out of the wilderness. And when you do see the break of day of light, it will be amazing what you’ll see.” -Zondra Evans

22:07 “It’s the things in the invisible realm that you need to realize are more powerful than the physical world. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” -Daniel Gomez

26:32 “You have the need to reconcile what you want versus what you’re being called to do. It’s two different things.” -Zondra Evans 

27:39 “God could do everything but fail.” -Zondra Evans 

29:09 “Somebody listening and watching this is trying to be somebody who has or not? Yeah, when all you have to be is just you.” -Daniel Gomez

35:24 “Live life. Life is to be lived, and part of living by is sometimes you’re going to have a few bruises. But you’ll go through that with God’s grace and mercy.” -Zondra Evans

37:53 “Where expectation lies, disappointment resides. So stop expecting and start respecting the process.” -Zondra Evans