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Stop Delaying Your Sucess— How to Beat Procrastination to the Finish with Sterling Stokes III

Every day that passes without progress is a lost opportunity. Not taking action is not only disadvantageous but can be downright dangerous, as it leaves too much to chance— and chance favors the bold who seize opportunities now rather than wait for some vague “later” that may never materialize as hoped. 

“The Execution Specialist” Sterling Stokes is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. His father’s sudden passing drove home the lesson that time is precious and that delaying dreams will only result in wasted potential and missed opportunities.

Tune in as Daniel and Sterling share powerful lessons on developing mental toughness, not delaying success, overcoming fear, using the power of words positively, and executing our goals now. 

“We're all given the same opportunity. And that opportunity as a choice to either move, stay where you're at, or to impact.” —Sterling Stokes III

Episode Highlights
  • 02:21 Executing Plans for Success
  • 05:16 The Power of Words
  • 09:41 Mental Toughness and Achieving Success
  • 15:14 The Danger of Delaying Success
  • 19:46 The Power of Daily Execution
  • 28:13 Making No Excuses




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Connect with Sterling:

Sterling Stokes III is an entrepreneur, author, and success coach. He is known as “The Execution Specialist” for his focus on helping others achieve their goals through effective execution. Sterling draws from his experiences in football and corporate America to teach principles of mental toughness and overcoming obstacles. His book “Mentally Tough” aims to help readers develop self-awareness and unlock their hidden potential. 

Sterling lost his father unexpectedly and is dedicated to inspiring others to stop delaying and take action towards their dreams. 


01:31 “Just be grateful for everything that arises.” —Sterling Stokes III

02:52 “It doesn’t always come down to being the smartest. It comes down to who’s going to execute the best. And that’s going to be the person that’s going to win.” —Sterling Stokes III  

05:00 “Success is measured by everyone differently. But first, fear is a natural thing that you may be overcome with. You have to learn how to get past that fear in order to execute in order to unlock your hitting potential.” —Sterling Stokes III

05:52 “Some people don’t understand that the words you speak create the world that they live in.” —Daniel Gomez

06:35 “Words are so powerful. Stop delaying your own impact on the world by using negative words. Negativity is not the key positivity is.” —Sterling Stokes III

08:04 “The words that you say to yourself create the life that you’re living.” —Daniel Gomez

11:26 “We’re all given the same opportunity. And that opportunity as a choice to either move, stay where you’re at, or to impact.” —Sterling Stokes III

13:52 “When you delay, you delay your blessings.” —Sterling Stokes III

17:32 “It’s never about self. It’s about sharing your story with others so that they don’t do the same things or have some of the same delays that you had.” —Sterling Stokes II 

25:49 “Greatness is in you. But you have to commit and you have to work at it day in and day out.” —Sterling Stokes III

30:32 “People need help to know how to win sometimes.” —Sterling Stokes III

31:01 “Reading a book, without asking yourself questions in the book, is simply just a story.”  —Sterling Stokes III