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May 15, 2020
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May 15, 2020

There Are No Limits with Tony Whatley

It’s time to move yourself out of the excuses zone — permanently! When Tony Whatley started his business, he was $40,000 in debt and working 3 jobs with a newborn baby and an angry ex. Five years later, he sold the business for multiple millions.

By the time you listen to finish listening to Daniel and Tony’s chat, you will be fired up and ready to take massive action in your life. You will learn about eliminating false ceilings and limiting beliefs, ditching the excuses, skill building and more!

Episode Highlights

06:50 The fear of public speaking
10:13 Skill building and practicing
13:44 Focusing on the worst case scenarios
20:27 Creating false ceilings instead of goals
21:33 Intermediate entrepreneurship
24:37 Excuses
28:12 The people you surround yourself with
28:12 “It’s the circle of people that you surround yourself with that keep you in those excuse patterns.
31:19 Improving consistency
34:06 The One Thing
36:48 What does success mean to Tony Whatley?
50:19 Living like the sheep at 71%

About Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, and startup mentor. He has led a dual career for over 20 years, in two distinct industries – Oil & Gas, and Automotive Performance. While leading a professional career in engineering and project management, he still found time to create and operate successful side-businesses.


Our uniqueness is our strength.” Tony Whatley

None of us are scared of speaking. Or, none of us are scared of putting our message out there. We’re just scared of putting it in front of people who don’t know us.” Tony Whatley

There is no limits. There is truly no limits. It’s all about what you put into it. So the sooner you can start thinking about ‘I need to just remove these limits. Period.’ and ‘Here’s where I am now, but where do I want to get to?’ and start thinking about the potential upside versus what you can lose, you’re going to start to see this balance.” ~ Tony Whatley

You can control what you can control. And anything outside your control, you can just disregard that shit. It’s just a distraction.” ~ Tony Whatley

It’s the circle of people that you surround yourself with that keep you in those excuse patterns.” ~ Tony Whatley

Your new life is going to cost you your old life.” ~ Daniel Gomez

The relationship that you have with money is often formed before you’re 13 years old.” ~ Tony Whatley

Consistency is showing up every single day including on the weekends. And if you’re that person that’s celebrating Friday because it’s the weekend, but you don’t have the lifestyle that you want, then you’re just like everybody else. You’re just being a sheep and you’re hanging out in the herd of the people who just settle.” ~ Tony Whatley