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November 28, 2022
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How to Sustain Your Success with Grace and Confidence with Vanessa Raymond

Sustained success is the holy grail of any business. After all, it takes more than just hard work to become successful. Once we’ve reached the top, it takes even more effort to stay there. But, with the right mindset and approach, it is definitely possible to maintain long-term success in any area of our life.  

In this episode, Daniel sits with Victory in Biz founder, Vanessa Raymond. Vanessa is also an author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, and Confidence and Success Coach. Listen in as Daniel and Vanessa share key things we can do to increase our chance of sustaining success, how to determine whose opinions to value, why we should be careful at saying  ‘yes’ to anything, how confidence is key to serving others, and how we can cope with increasing resistance as we continue to grow. 

“Dance like nobody is watching. Stand in your own integrity. Do YOU and things will always work out if you just stay true to who you are and your goal.” -Vanessa Raymond

Episode Highlights
  • 03:02 From a Performer to an Entrepreneur
  • 09:11 How to Sustain Success
  • 17:12 When People Criticize You— It’s Not Always About You
  • 21:30 Learn to Let Go
  • 29:31 Be Careful Saying YES to Everything
  • 32:11 Confidence is the Key to Service
  • 36:22 2 Steps to be Confidence  
  • 43:03 How Our Actions Can Change Our Emotions
  • 48:21 When Faced with Resistance
  • 53:28 Dance Like Nobody is Watching


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Connect with Vanessa:

Vanessa grew up in South Africa as a dancer/singer and successfully accomplished her dream to work as a professional musical theatre performer after a lifetime of studying various dance forms and graduating with a degree in Musical Theater. In 1994, she graduated from beauty school as an aesthetician, cosmetologist, and massage therapist. 

After professionally performing on stages around the world for 2 decades and running an in-home beauty business, Vanessa pursued a career in the Fitness and wellness industry. Vanessa is a seasoned Pilates instructor, Yoga Teacher, and Personal trainer, as well as a fitness director for VISA Corporate. She also created her own Kettlebell Certification Company called KFIT USA. As a result of her experience in the performance, beauty, and fitness industries, Vanessa created her self-image and confidence coaching business and master trainer program – The Victory Factor.

She is an author, International speaker, multiple-business owner, and a Confidence & Self-image coach. She is also a coaching leader for Achieve Systems, which is one of the largest health and wellness communities and coaching support systems in the industry. 

Vanessa helps entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders to improve their confidence, create meaningful relationships, and to show up as the best version of themselves when they need it most so they can be successful personally, professionally, and financially. Vanessa looks forward to providing you with the tools necessary to become successful.


08:41 “Keep showing up no matter what because if the dream is alive, you are on that journey to success.” –Vanessa Raymond

09:23 “We all have to learn not only to be successful but also how to sustain success. And the only way you can sustain success is if you go through the failures and you learn that none of it is about you.” –Vanessa Raymond

12:45 “If you know you did your best, that is always enough.” –Vanessa Raymond

17:54 “Don’t listen to what people say. Sometimes, their own critical thinking comes from their own insecurities.” -Daniel Gomez

19:33 “You got to learn whose opinion to value. You have to be selective of those people who have nothing better to do than criticize and the people who are honestly helping you to grow up.” –Vanessa Raymond

24:31 “You have to let people go. That’s the hardest thing to do sometimes but you can’t stop your train because there are other people that want to get on. And sometimes, people don’t want to grow with you or they just see things differently.” -Daniel Gomez

25:18 “It’s not us many times, it’s the person that needs to deal with and resolve their own issues.” -Daniel Gomez

30:21 “It’s not healthy to say yes to everything. It’s okay to say no.” –Daniel Gomez  

34:04 “Nobody is 100% confident all of the time. Confidence is ever-changing. Confidence is a growth process and we are responsible for our own confidence.” –Vanessa Raymond

35:18 “There’s a difference between being confident in something that you do and having confidence in yourself. The part that I like to work with is the confidence in yourself —It’s about understanding that you have that within yourself.” –Vanessa Raymond

36:30 “Confidence comes from being accountable to yourself, not about being accountable to others.” –Vanessa Raymond

48:53 “When you are feeling uncomfortable, you are probably about to break through to something even if you don’t know what it is.” –Vanessa Raymond

53:40 “Dance like nobody is watching. Stand in your own integrity. Do YOU and things will always work out if you just stay true to who you are and your goal.” –Vanessa Raymond