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Build the Life You Want, Not the Career You Wish with Amber Fuhriman

When we admire other people, it may seem like their lives are better than ours. We can’t relate to their daily activities, the things they own, or the positions they aspire to. But the real question is, is this what we truly desire? 

What we should focus on is not just the career we want, but the life we want. We may have to work a lot in order to have material wealth, but we learn to sacrifice many things for it, including our happiness. The life we want can start with our very selves— how are we at the moment? 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Success Development Solutions founder, Amber Fuhriman to discuss two opposite factors that hinder us from creating the life we want: fear and happiness. Well, “fear” can keep us from chasing our dreams headstrong, but “happiness”…? Amber and Daniel answer that question as well as inspiring and stirring reasons why perfectionism is not the way to go, why “unbelievable” is an unfriendly word, why a busy life is not a valid reason for putting off what makes you happy, and how being vulnerable helps you overcome fear and guilt, and improve your health and life as a whole. 

The ultimate life we want should be rich with meaning and fulfillment. Tune in and learn how you can create that life for yourself! 

“We stop ourselves from feeling fear because we're uncomfortable. We stop ourselves from feeling happy because we're uncomfortable… So it all comes from the willingness to get uncomfortable.” -Amber Fuhriman

Episode Highlights
  • 02:55 How Perfectionism Kills Progress
  • 07:56 What Really Kills Emotions and Humanism
  • 14:03 Allow Yourself to Feel and Blossom
  • 20:46 Don’t Give Your Power of Choice Away
  • 24:22 Acknowledge Your Fear 
  • 29:23 Nobody Relates to Perfect
  • 35:23 Be Willing to Get Uncomfortable
  • 39:01 Don’t Think “Unbelievable”
  • 42:48 The Truth in “I Don’t Care”
  • 46:07 Stop Depriving the People Waiting for You
  • 50:49 Busy is NOT the Problem- What Is?





Connect with Amber:

Amber Fuhriman is an attorney, speaker, success architect, and podcaster. She is the Owner and Attorney at Fuhriman Law, a Law Firm she operates in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amber practices Criminal Defense and Immigration Law. She graduated from Law School in Michigan and immediately moved to Vegas to being her career.

Throughout her educational and professional career, Amber always thought there would be a moment where everything would fall into place, as she calls it, her “I’ll be happy when moment.” When that moment never came, Amber started to realize her entire identity had been tied up in being an attorney and chasing accomplishments to fill a void that accomplishments could never fill. Amber’s road to becoming a successful architect began in 2016 when she dug into personal development. Since 2016, Amber has pushed the boundaries of her self-imposed physical and mental limitations, living outside her comfort zone as much as possible and learning about how the mind works and how our limiting beliefs affect our success.

In 2020, Amber became a Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Master Practitioner in Integrated Timeline Techniques. Now, in addition to practicing law, Amber is a Success Architect and NLP Trainer. She works with “serial accomplishers” like her former self to help them gain clarity on what they actually want, define what their best life looks like, and helps them get out of their 

comfort zone to achieve their dreams. 

Amber believes that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone physically helps challenge your mental limitations of what you can accomplish professionally. She uses her experiences with loss, grief, academic and professional success, and physical challenges including a 24-hour endurance obstacle course race to help her clients get out of their own way and achieve their highest level of success.


02:10 “You don’t want your boss’ job if you don’t want your boss’ life.” -Amber Fuhriman

14:24 “The moment that I allowed myself to start feeling was the moment that I was incapable of holding it back anymore… Start NOW in being willing to allow yourself to feel.” -Amber Fuhriman

20:13 “We’re never going to be what we want if we’re always conforming and seeking other people’s approval.” -Daniel Gomez

21:28 “ ‘pick your battles’ should be decided whether the consequences of standing up for this thing is worth the mental energy that it’s going to take after to get through it.” -Amber Fuhriman

24:49 “We cannot grow if we are not willing to acknowledge the things that scare us. Those things that scare are so uncomfortable that we avoid acknowledging them before we feel what true fear feels like.”  -Amber Fuhriman

28:48 “When you open up that vulnerability, the healing goes on from the inside.” -Daniel Gomez 

29:44 “Doesn’t matter what your program does, it doesn’t matter what your program involves, what matters is what pain point your program solves.” -Amber Fuhriman

33:52 “So much of what we experience healthwise is tied to emotions that we are unwilling to feel and unwilling to talk about.” -Amber Fuhriman

35:42 “We stop ourselves from feeling fear because we’re uncomfortable. We stop ourselves from feeling happy because we’re uncomfortable… So it all comes from the willingness to get uncomfortable.” -Amber Fuhriman

41:36 “Sometimes we think we got to be perfect. But in trying to be perfect, we get impatient and we conform to a false identity and it kills our happiness. It kills what we have.” -Daniel Gomez

47:08 “Not everybody is supposed to be a part of every part of your journey…  By waiting for others to come along, you are depriving the people who are ready for your gifts and what you can give to the world.” -Amber Fuhriman