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Five Components of a 7-Figure Sales Team with Che Brown

Developing selling skills is an important part of any business and can give one an edge in the industry. For entrepreneurs, it can open the door to new opportunities and larger markets. Sales also allows them to make connections that could lead to future business partnerships. 

By understanding and employing the right selling techniques and strategies, entrepreneurs can drive growth, increase customers’ trust, provide valuable service to others, and achieve higher levels of success! Therefore, anyone in the entrepreneurial space should not feel intimidated by sales, rather see it as a gateway to serving others more fully.  

In this episode, we continue the sales conversation with Che Brown, The Happy Entrepreneur and a globally renowned giant in the sales world. Listen in as Daniel and Che share their “never again” moments and how these experiences shaped their perception about selling. They also talk about what sales is at its core, the four S formula of systems, the five Components of a 7-figure sales team, the only instance where price matters, and much much more!

“Don’t just tell yourself ‘I'm shrinking’, because you've been trained, you're strong; you're ready. You're plugged in. This is your moment. This is your time!” -Che Brown

Episode Highlights
  • 02:20 Impact Humanity 
  • 09:51 Selling is Power
  • 14:15 What Sales is About
  • 20:45 Ask for the Business
  • 25:13 Five Components of a 7-Figure Sales Team
  • 35:36 Price and Value
  • 40:22 You’re Trained, Strong, and Ready


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Connect with Che:

Che Brown is a globally renowned giant in the sales world. He has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential, power, and wealth. In just six short years, he has dominated the sales space, coaching thousands of rising business leaders to achieve exponential growth and success in their industries, to the tune of over $400 million and counting.  His acclaimed 7-Figure Sales Team concept has forever erased the outdated notion that generating revenue in business is a sole-source game – instead illustrating it is indeed a team sport. Che lives, breathes, and sleeps his craft. He has his fingers on the pulse of profit generation and an instinctual insight into why the heart of a flailing business has stopped.  Most importantly, he can resuscitate the flow of revenue in any company with just a whiteboard and a conversation.  Che Brown is the Host of the #1 Business Development and Late Night Show In The Country: The Happy Entrepreneur Show and CEO Desk Founder.  


09:04 “One good idea implemented is better than a thousand ideas.” —Che Brown

09:55 “Selling equals power.” —Che Brown

11:48 “Selling is the oxygen for any great business in history. Without sales, there will always be more money going out than there is coming in—Selling a serious business.” —Che Brown

12:35 “Selling equals service. Selling is the gateway by which you get to serve other people.” —Che Brown

17:44 “Selling is about education. Educate people that they need to have some financial instruments in case something happens in their life or their family.” —Che Brown

21:41 “You get 0% of the business that you never asked for.” —Daniel Gomez

22:48 “The person you’re hurting is that potential prospect because you don’t have the courage to realize that your product, your service; the value that you bring as a business owner [is what] they need.” —Daniel Gomez

25:57 “The answer to ‘who?’ don’t have to be you.” —Che Brown

28:12 “Powerful people ask powerful questions because questions stir focus. And in this life, you get what you focus on.” —Che Brown

30:01 “Success is a team sport. You can only get so far by yourself.” —Che Brown

35:36 “Price only matters in the absence of value.” —Che Brown

44:19 “Don’t just tell yourself ‘I’m shrinking’, because you’ve been trained, you’re strong; you’re ready. You’re plugged in. This is your moment. This is your time!” -Che Brown